Remains of the Day: Part 1#


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Viewer discretion is required for this small mini series and l advise the unwary to perhaps visit the link supplied before venturing past this particular episode. As l jokingly suggest, ‘it may not be to everyone’s taste.

Part 1#


You can imagine my surprise and of course my delight,
When l discover that myself and my restaurant,
Are to be interviewed by the famous Madame Janine Might,
Of the A – Z Exotic Cuisine magazine known as ‘Restaurateur Ranch’

It is considered to be a great honour to be included,
Within the pages of this illustrious and glossy spread,
Read worldwide by those who enjoy to be fed,
By meals of such incredible splendour and delicious palette,

I find it all rather exciting if l am honest,
That my little affair should be seen as one of ten,
Fancy restaurants, bistros and cafes that are blessed,
By such comments from my regular clients,

For them to say that they enjoy the ideals and concepts,
Of my complex here in the Carpathian village of Magura,
Is of course beyond my wildest dreams and l did not expect,
To find myself and my themed restaurant in such an respected aura,

But who am l to complain by such fine complements,
When l have striven all of my working life,
To create, design and finally own such a beautiful restaurant,
And to have incredible dishes carved beneath the knife?

Le Café Cannibal, is not just a fancy cafeteria,
It is of course a mountain resort of ultimate pleasure,
By those who do seek an holiday in the box of Pandora,
And love to revel in the delicacies of leisure,

For here we do have not just some where to eat,
But we also have an Inn, health spa, barbers,
And clothiers to make the holiday complete,
Which is an all in one complex for valued shoppers!

Now at my grand age of seventy-six l can say,
That l have lived a full life and one which has seen much,
Excitement, adventure and l have lived each day,
One at a time, for that is of course the best way as such,

To enjoy life to the very fullest that only a simple man can,
Ensuring that everything undertaken in always done right,
Meaning that, if you do it, then you must understand,
How it is to be done, when and why and to always be polite,

For to be so, always means that more can be done,
By those who are looking to help you along your way,
And they will do so, genuinely, sincerely and that is more fun,
Than by upsetting more and more people every single day,

And throughout my extraordinary life, l have needed people,
To be there for me, when sometimes they did not want to be,
But once they understood my desires, they were soon peaceful,
And as a result, because of those people, l am just me,

The morning is still young, and the interview is tonight,
I must ensure that all my teams of specialists,
Are busy preparing the days’ events just right,
So that this evenings meals are all cooked without risk!

© Rory Matier 2012

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