Good Morning Folks – Here’s wishing everyone a truly fantastic Thursday!

This week we are back with the 80’s looking at some truly classic films and some great music!

So far this week, we have had:

The Breakfast Club 1984

Sixteen Candles 1984

Weird Science 1985

Who remembers this?

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – 1986

So 1986 – what were you doing? Did you catch the movie on the big screen or see it years later on the video market?

I like young actors because they’re so unspoiled, not like some of those actors who are about half an hour into their fifteen minutes of fame by the time they get to me.

John Hughes

When I did ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’, I had the idea on Monday and the following Tuesday it was in budget at Paramount. I couldn’t walk.

John Hughes

Have a truly awesome Thursday folks! More from the 80’s tomorrow!!!

17 thoughts on “QFTD 88

  1. I’ve made my kids watch movies from the 80s and 90s. Ferris Beuller’s Day Off is one of my daughter’s favorites!

    1. Mr Ed the talking horse was awesome!

      I used to so love that show – thanks for the memory of that 🙂

      I used to watch all of those, did you ever see Get Smart? was that aired over here? I did not get back to the UK until 1977, so missed a lot of English TV showings.

      1. I don’t remembers seeing Get Smart in the UK, I spent 6 months in Perth, Australia in the 80’s and it was shown there. I only remember the ending scene with all the doors slamming. 🙂

        1. Admittedly, you are not the first to say that Get Smart wasn’t seen in the UK. I clearly remember seeing all the shows you mentioned in Oz and not so much in the UK also.

  2. That was the first movie to break the “4th wall”, where the character talked directly to the audience. I saw in the theater and I remember everyone saying to wait past the credits. There was more after the credits. And there was. Another first I believe.
    Such a fantastic movie! A classic!
    1986 I turned 18 and graduated from High School. Took a week-long trip to Hawaii, Moved out of my mother’s house, with my best friend, into an apartment of our own. I worked two jobs but I was free to live my own life.

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