Dear Blog … 22.35 – 28/6/18


Football Fanatics ………

At my own concession l know nothing about football. However my walking companion Dodge, whilst no spring chicken is a keen football …watcher, and loves to relive certain moments albeit mentally and then to talk about it to me after a match.

If not only for something l saw in Ray Not Bradbury’s post the other day about Sweden playing Mexico, l wouldn’t even have known about that match.

This morning Dodge was quite animated about ‘a match’, and then knowing how little l know about football, asked if l knew about the match and l though ‘Oh ho, l do’ and so answered, yes “Sweden and Mexico.”

He simply looked at me and said, “Well yes that was one match, but not the match.”

“There was more than one?” l asked

“You know it’s the 2018 World Cup, don’t you?”

“Is it? No l didn’t know in truth Dodge, not really my thing, however go on, tell me.”

“Well Germany is out of the whole thing now.”

“Oh right, is this good or bad? Were they playing UK?”

“You mean England?”

“Yes alright, were they playing England?”


“Right, so Germany is out, mm why is that l thought they were quite good?”

“Normally they are, but they are out now.”

“Alright then.”

“Do you actually like football Rory?”

“Not my bag in truth Dodge. Just a bunch of guys kicking around a pig’s bladder. Where is the fun in that?”

Well Dodge just looked at me as if l was caught doing something seriously naughty. “Just a bunch of guys kicking a … pig’s bladder??”

“Isn’t it? Is the ball plastic then?”

“You … are actually … serious aren’t you?”

“Yeah, it’s not my thing Dodge, it all seems rather silly, 12 guys running around an expanse of green kicking a silly little ball.”

“A silly little ball? 12?? What on earth are you on about?”

“The team, 12 players isn’t it?”

“It’s 11 actually, but the squad is 23.”

“So is it 11 or 23 kicking this ball then? That seems like a lot of players, or is that both teams, seems a little outnumbered. Is it a toss up as to who gets 12 players?”

“No, a squad for the team is 23 players.”

“Why do they need 23 if they only use 11, no bloody wonder it costs so much to see a match, that’s a hefty wage bill.”

“Oh good god, remind me not to mention football ever again to you, you are just uncouth, seriously you are. 12 players, pig’s bladder, good lord!”

Apparently, football fanatics are quite emotional about this game?


Have firmly come to the conclusion that the x-rays cannot get here quick enough. I am now officially in more pain from my shoulder to my arm, but now also most of my back than l was actually prior to my first physio when l obviously only thought l was in serious pain!

Dear Blog ……

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  1. Football fans are rabid. American Football fans are rabid. Baseball fans are rabid. Basketball fans are rabid.
    Now, NHL hockey fans, like myself, are merely enthusiastic and energetic. LOL

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