A couple of words about ‘everything’…

Number crunching your game – it’s not mine per se, but as l have said before numbers is still an integral part of writing. Ray posts another interesting article. 🙂

Victoria Ray

“You will never get everything in life, but you will get enough.” SB

I hope you read my last post-interview about blogging – Truly Inspired

IMG_3240To continue this theme, I’d like to share some numbers. My Ray-blog is growing (huurrraaaahhhh!!💕), which is good, because it keeps me hoping that a lot of people are reading my posts. When I’m looking at the numbers, it looks so:

I have 2600 followers. Daily: 300 – 350 visitors (and about 500-850 views). But only if I post. If I don’t post shit – its dropping to 100-130 visitors and 200-300 views. What does it tell me? It does tell me, that I have to write like a rabbit or I should be famous & hot like Brando. But I’m neither of them. So I’m just going to chill …and write 😂

!!By the way, you can comment under this post…

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