Random Quotes 37#



Be selective in your battles, sometimes peace is better than being right.


“Don’t fight to be right, but fight when you are right.”
― Amit Kalantri


6 thoughts on “Random Quotes 37#

    1. Hey Kristian – hope you are well.

      I think in today’s climate we have to be very careful with how we react to things. if l am right and know l am right about something then l will defend it, but sometimes – conditions, environment and so, sometimes we have to compromise and choose our strategy wisely and sometimes this means peace is more of a winner than conflict.

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      1. I agree, somethings are just not worth the aggravation. I often find myself telling people “To quote Linus Vanpelt, there are three things I’ve learned just not to discuss with others: religion, politics, and the great pumpkin.”

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