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I have been tagged for this challenge “One Day With a Star” by the charming Ray of Ray Not Bradbury


  1. Describe a very famous person (preferably historical, or well known – to everyone!). Include the details in your story so people can guess who is that STAR, but do not mention the real name.
  2. You can add 1 photo-detail (non obligatory). 
  3. The style and the genre of the writing – any. 
  4. Pingback to this post  (not to the page!), so I can read and comment.
  5. Spread the word around, up to 3 – 5 blogs. Have fun!
  6. The followers should guess in the comments who is ‘your star’. 

First and foremost – the answer or rather my guess to Ray’s challenge of the Swedish star is l think Greta Garbo? Who in 1941 ‘retired from Hollywood, and died alone in 1990.

My Star

He was born in 1956 in California, USA to his parents a cook and a hospital worker. His ancestory is Portuguese and English. He whilst at school was not well liked by both his peers and teachers alike, and he himself described his behaviour as atypically geek like. Painfully shy, and remarkably good in his behaviour he was far from a troublemaker. When at school he acted in ‘school plays’, and thoroughly loved the experience.

My star is reknowned for this quote “”Acting classes looked like the best place for a guy who liked to make a lot of noise and be rather flamboyant.”

Not particularly known for playing villian type characters it was indeed whilst playing such a role – Proteus in 1978, that in fact he won an award for Best Actor. Time magazine named him as one of the “Top 10 College Dropouts.”

In 1980, his first real break came from his debut in a slasher film a far cry from characters he would portray in the years that followed. He knew from that point on, that he would never be alone.

What a life he has led, swimming with dolphins and mermaids alike, battled through mazes and monsters, travelled to Philadelphia, been cast away,, sailed and captained great vessels. He and his band of brothers were notorious for saving and rescuing alike. He has a real thing for running through Forrest and gumbo! Sadly many a time he has found himself sleepless in Seattle, he has always got mail and he is quite Big on dancing on oversized pianos!

One of his closest friends is Bruce Springsteen who he has known since childhood.



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  1. I know!! I know!!! Thanks for the challenge! I’ll work on it tomorrow while I’m flying. Tonight…Guns N Roses!!!

  2. It’s a good thing there were lots of clues or no way would I have known who it was. I tend to be pretty out to lunch about this kind of thing!

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