Dear Blog … 22.05 – 26/6/18


The good and the downright ugly!

Had a good day and a lousy day. Got a nice bit of ‘assorted’ writing done, some great shares of friends blogs, a brilliant tag by Ray Not Bradbury on the Mystery Star and a great feline katz interview.

Have loads to do tomorrow in the Truly Inspired series 2, a K9 Interview, another 80’s Flashback, another intriguing question, and l might try and get a post done about disability hate crime, which obviously burns deep with current physical health. If l can l will try to get another skunk post done,and start the travel series in fact l have got so much to write, there is simply not enough time in each given day – but at least l won’t be running out of topics to write about anytime soon! However according to many l have to take it easy, so l guess l will have enough to write about at this rate for a very long time!

After yesterday’s [dis] appointment and the fact that the physio’s have been cancelled until more investigation work has been completed, l have had a lot of ugly pain today, and now in addition to everything else, my back is absolutely caning me which l think is the result of the ‘extra traction pulls’ the physio awarded me. Now l am having troubles just walking.

I am officially falling to pieces, got to laugh!



Caught Scrappy reading the newspaper today on an article about K9’s manipulating their human owners, when l went to look at the article properly, she simply closed the paper, picked it and moved out into the garden! Fine have it your way. She doesn’t need to read anything for tips, she could write the bloody book on the finer arts of K9 manipulations!

Good grief, l don’t think l have EVER known such a contrary cantankerous dog in my life!

All day whilst Suze is at work, she snubs me. I walk her, feed her and treat her, try and talk to her, but she just sleeps or puddles herself in the sun, but the moment ‘mummy’ walks through the door, oh my lord talk about vocal, it’s like another dog has entered the house! All the neighbours to both the left and right of us and in front of us know when Suze is home!


Am sickened with the state of our world, only this evening l read of a senseless killing of 120,000 bees by vandals. why? Not just why, but for fucks sake WHY???

120,000 bees wiped out by ‘mindless’ vandals

I think it comes down to just another sad fact that there is simply no decency left in our world today. Our environment is crumbling, our planet is decaying through thuggery on a global government level and let’s not forget the greed problems and this mindless act goes on, l don’t get it, l just don’t understand why we have these levels of cruelty constantly ongoing?

Our world is just getting stupider and stupider with each passing day.


Dear Blog ……

8 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 22.05 – 26/6/18

  1. Dear Rory,
    The world has some horrible people but it also has some amazing heart-warming uplifting stories and sometimes we need to remember that there really are a lot more good people than bad – just look through our community here!
    I think you’ll enjoy this video
    …and, totally on point with today’s topic.. be (or bee!!) the change you want to see in the world 😊

    1. Hey Britchy – l have seen this – it’s seriously heart warming, in fact a few weeks back l posted this very story on my Facebook and the days afterwards – it’s a lovely lovely story indeed 🙂

  2. Off to bed with you! Old broken down people need their rest. How else are you gonna “boogie woogie woogie til you just can’t boogie no more” tomorrow?
    Sleep well!

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