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What Makes YOU Angry?

You Know – steam tootling out of your ears angry!!


Everyone loves a bit of banter, some discussion, topical talk, well that’s what MWF Question Time is all about.

16 thoughts on “MWF Question Time

  1. Unfortunately I am a bit of a hot head. Unfairness, Bullying, People who think they can jump in front of me at a queue, inconsiderate behaviour, being ignored, poor service, feeling trapped, people in front of me blocking my way, people walking along glued to their phones rather than concentrating where they are going, rudeness, lack of respect, cruelty….I spend a lot of my time trying to keep my temper. I don’t actually lose my temper much because the consequences would be too severe for all concerned. In fact I have been compared to the Hulk on a few occasions. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Same here, l tolerate way more than l used to but in fairness or consideration – l don’t mix with a lot of people these days because in no short order most people piss me off.

        1. Yes sadly they are, society en-masse is just too much, people in small groups is ideal, or more manageable communities – the beauty of WordPress for me as an example is lots of people at a good distance, open to discussion and celebrating a common interest.

          I love talking to people, and can talk to anyone be they a King or a tramp it makes no odds they ALL have something interesting to say and my curiousness loves that – but society as a throng?

          Nope, anger levels start to rise.

          Judgemental people and once more – NOPE!

          …. and the list goes on ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Angry !! If things are not managed accordingly and systematically I really get upset as it drains my energy. Being short tempered still control my feelings till I can hold and try to sort things but when situation is overboard than I truly lose myself

  3. I’m a road rager. I keep it within the confines of my car, and the music I’m playing at least partly drowns out the swearing that comes flying out of my mouth.

  4. I really donโ€™t get irate that much but I will wade in without any consideration for personal safety if I see an animal being mistreated or someone defenceless being bullied or abused. Iโ€™ve put myself in some dangerous situations without thinking twice and I know Iโ€™d do it again under the same circumstances. Thereโ€™s nothing worse than seeing someone physically or emotionally beaten. To see that look of shame and misery on their face or to see an animal cringing. I canโ€™t help myself under those circumstances, I turn into a Pygmy Anti-Christ and woe betide the object of my wrath.

  5. I get angriest when people take advantage of me. I’m very kind and giving but I DO have boundaries. When I’ve given of myself and set a limit, and explained the limit and someone pushes past it, thinking I won’t mind, because I’m kind… Watch out! Talk about Hulk! Yes, I go nuclear very quickly!
    Don’t take my kindness as weakness. You’ll get hurt. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. I am mostly cynical now because most of my boundaries have been broken by people. I am a pretty tolerant guy, have quite a bit of patience, but l have a ferocous temper if it gets the better of me. Hence l steer clear now of troublesome times.

      1. Yeah, it’s mostly my daughters that do this to me. “Ah, mom won’t mind” Then they run & hide in their rooms… 29 & 23 years old, running from Mom.. LOLOL! They’re wise to run at that point.

  6. I was a school teacher for over 30 years. What really made me angry was when students mistreated one another. I am usually pretty easy going, and the kids were always surprised to see me get angry. I didn’t do it often, but it was always the result of bullying or just meanness.
    Now that I am not teaching, the thing that makes me angry is drivers not stopping for pedestrians in a crosswalk. And, of course, politicians! ๐Ÿ™‚

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