Dear Blog … 21.52 – 24/6/18


Why are you always laughing at me?

I hear Suze say this at least half a dozen times a day and why? Usually because l am sniggering. Am l laughing at her in a terrible way? No of course not, l am sniggering because she makes me laugh with her antics, and why? Because they are funny.

Only now, less than twenty minutes ago, she and Scrappy were in a tit for tat type of argument, and even that’s the wrong description, they ‘weren’t’ arguing, but Scrappy in her atypical fashion only goes to Suze when she wants something, never me. Suze was trying to move one of our rugs and Scraps was sitting on it, Suze bent down, Scraps got up and thought Suze was playing and ‘schmack crunch’ whacked Suze in the head with her own hard canine head.

Suze staggering back and muttering, “Silly dog, why do you always do that?? Why me?” Scraps still in play mode then proceeds to wuff and woof and make the funny noises she does and of course l snigger.

Why are you always laughing at me?”

“Because that was funny, and here you tell me that you don’t have anything funny to write about, then why NOT write about these nightly episodes, or the spilt milk, or my clutzy ways, or the menopause or, or, or there are a thousand things you could write about and there will always be an audience who want to read what you write?”

“Oh right, well you said you were going to write about menopause, have you done that yet?”

“No, because that can be seen as a delicate subject and l am a man, and not suffering directly with it, plus l have loads to write about anyway.”

“Yes, but you can write about it from your perspective as my partner?”

“Well okay, here’s the deal, you start a blog and start writing about your so called non – funny things which by the way are funny, and l will start writing The Pause Series, how’s that for a deal?”

“Mm, well l don’t know, l will consider it, maybe, perhaps.”

“As they say Rome wasn’t built in a day.”


Tomorrow l have my next physio appointment, not looking forwards to that, although l do need to have words with him, and even though he could shoot back with ‘no pain, no gain’ as a credo, l wasn’t prepared for this level of pain. If he had said – the moment l start playing with this it’s going to hurt like fucking buggery, l would have at least been prepared for buggery!

Was in extreme pain today, and tried to pull away from pills and started using a cream, which sort of helped, but it was a brutal cream. If l could avoid using any pills l would be way, way happier, we already have enough chemicals being pumped into the system without me adding more to my system.


Looking forwards to the QTFD this week, going to be looking at the 80’s again, and especially Brat Packs and John Hughes films, should be fun. In fact that is probably a good months’ worth of days there. All good.


Bloody mosquito’s only gone and told his bloody buddies that l am a right sucker, or is that suckee? Not too sure, but last night l killed one and still heard at least three of the sods dive bombing me.

Last night despite going to bed ridiculously early, had the most horrific nightmare, woke up this morning screaming that l had lost someone’s baby because l fell asleep on the train??

Funny ol’ world in which we live eh?

Dear Blog ……


5 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 21.52 – 24/6/18

  1. Pain – if you’re able to get in a bath (I know it’s hot in your part of the world) or a pool, warm water eases the tension we create when we’re expecting pain (which then ensures it takes longer for the pain to go away) …
    from a back pain sufferer (L1-S1 & C2-C?? & T4-T??).

  2. Sorry for your suffering. Perhaps the mosquito told his buddies where to get the best high?? And who can deny the awesomeness of 80s brat pack and John Hughes films??? I can’t wait! Feel better friend!!

  3. Suze should definitely write. The whole menopause thing is horrible, but it can be hysterical too. Shall we put a petition out to all your readers?? I vote “YES”. She doesn’t need to post as much as you do. There were times I posted once a week or twice a month and people still read my drivel.
    Good luck with the PT sadist.
    Oh, yeah, I’ll cross you off the list of potential babysitters…LOL!!

    1. Yes, l have said that she doesn’t need to post that much ‘as and when’ would be fine.

      Ha ha – Suze said more or less the same “Oh that would be typical you so typical! One minute your mind is on that, the next something else – if we had a child l dread to think how many times she/he might be lost!!”

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