The Snifty Ten Question Challenge – Q’s 8 – 10


Rules: 7 out of 10 Questions Minimum must be answered to qualify

Competition Has ended – Here are our entrants responses

Q8] What is your signature dance move?

[Answers to be provided with you tube examples please]

4 Responses

Jay-lyn Doerksen

“Ha ha I can’t dance but I swing my hips and wiggle my shoulders. Very very bad so I no longer do it in public. LMAO”


“I move to music like I move through life, completely without conscious thought or planning. The music takes me and my knees bend in time to it. I twist and I twirl and jiggle my hips. I flail my arms and occasionally clap or click my fingers. Often I have an inane grin on my face and have my eyes closed. Sometimes I open my eyes to find the dance floor deserted….”


A full-bodied dry heave set to music:

King Ben’s Grandma

Dance move??? Mostly being an 80s gal, it was something like this:


Q9] What would be the hat to end all hats? What could you wear on your head that would make people stop what they are doing and stare in awe and amazement?

2 Responses


“I love hats, except for baseball caps. I am sorry if this offends people, I don’t mean to cause offense but I just thing baseball caps are just awful.
Unfortunately I rarely find a hat that fits me. Most hats you can buy generally are of standard S/M or L/XL and I find the S/M is still too big for me.
I can’t afford to have a hat made.
I do have a few trilby/homburg type hats, with shorter brims that I like to wear. I would like a panama hat, but again, if the crown is too tall or the brim too wide, it looks silly on my little head.
I would absolutely love a top hat, or an opera hat that can be compressed then with a quick tap, it pops up. I used to be fascinated by that in films.
I did once get quite a few stares when I wore my teacosy in the shape of a Cockerel/rooster as a hat.”

King Ben’s Grandma

“I think I’d wear one of those hats that the fly-fishing dudes wear, only instead of lures, I’d have things important to ME attached. I don’t carry a purse/pocketbook/handbag, so I’d just use the hat to carry everything. A nice brilliant red or possibly purple.”

Q10] If you had to ask a really strange question of a stranger, in a strange location which was strange in itself, how strange would your question be?

5 Responses


Does the egg come first?


“What am doing here? – 😂😂 that would be the right question to ask.”


“Well, when I was quite small, about 4 or 5 years old. I was fascinated by teeth. I had only just learned that some people had false teeth and for some reason the idea really seemed strange to me. I had the unfortunate habit of just speaking what ever was in my head. Although most children of that age tend to do that, I suppose. I don’t remember much about it, but my Mum likes to tell people, when we used to travel into town on the bus I would sit next to people and stare up at them. Then all of a sudden I would ask them, complete strangers, “Are they your own teeth?”. My mum apparently died of embarrassment every time. So THAT is probably the strange question I would ask strangers in strange locations. Strange wasn’t it?”


“Mathematically speaking, strange question x stranger x strange location = strange3 (cubed) or strange to the third power?”

King Ben’s Grandma

“I think with all the strangeness going on, it might all cancel out and end up perfectly normal (whatever THAT means).
So, my question would be either “Where can I get a cup of coffee?” or “Where is the restroom/potty/loo?”

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