Random Quotes 33#



Emotional Wreckage

When the soul crashes, it has nowhere to go,
Broken connections, means a loss of flow,
Darkness descends at a startling speed,
Reflections of death encouraging demons’ greed,
Blistering heat ruptures the cells of the brain,
Macabre shadow dancers causing the pain,
Whisperings burning the mind into rage,
Meltdown resulting in emotional wreckage

The thing with depression is that it is so personally insidious and dark and compounds your fibre daily relentlessly. It is a soul sucking roller coaster ride with Dementor’s as your companions!

RM 2002


“I didn’t want to wake up. I was having a much better time asleep. And that’s really sad. It was almost like a reverse nightmare, like when you wake up from a nightmare you’re so relieved. I woke up into a nightmare.”
― Ned Vizzini,

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