Meh to Social Media!!!


Meh to Social Media!!!

Ok, hands up, why it that you like me?
If known as some tend to believe, they would see,
l am not as a person all that remarkably special,
And really am about as exciting as a roasted pretzel!

At my very best l am considered to be socially inactive,
Writing poems like this, just shows me to be ‘proactive’
At my very worst l am oft classed as anti-social,
Explaining why l am not always that vocal,

Don’t get me wrong, l am not all that bad,
Friendship from some just confuses me a tad,
I know my true friends, it has to be said,
And my true friends are starting to see within my head,

So they will understand, what l am on about,
Knowing that it is not their jocularity that l doubt,
We live in such cruel and commercial times,
Friendship gathering or hoarding is now a global crime,

Access now to forums, Face Book, Twitter and other such Social spots,
Means we can collect to our hearts content …


I like many others, am still an independent soul,
Don’t gather me and stick me into some dark hole,
Treating me like a mushroom, and feeding me the shit,
Why befriend me, then to ignore me, and that’s’ it?

Oh joy, l am now an Internet victim, of some collector,
Once gathered l am treated like some dissident defector!
So tell me, why is it that you are my friend,
What is it you want, or is it make believe and pretend?

Just to make you feel good about being alive?
Perhaps a conspiracy, to deceive and to contrive,
Some cunning plan about alien abduction,
Or maybe even, it’s some kind of global seduction,

Gather as many hapless souls as you can in a day,
Feeding them to the soul eaters, stalling your own decay
You see it’s only fair for me to enquire from you,
Clicked yes to your request, because l thought you were true!

Yet nothing from you, that makes me even slightly excited,
Only a feeling of being left abandoned and unrequited,
So here ‘my friends’ is a little test of your dedication,
Come read a little with me, ease your damnations!

Beckoning you as l am, showing you my friendship,
Allow your mind to journey through this brief literary trip,
Come along, come with me, come take my hand,
If you feel up to it, show a likening to this poem if you can?


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I so tire of the falsehood in social media, so much so, that l have very little time for them any more. Twitter l walked away from, and l rarely use Facebook now.  At one point a few years ago, l was receiving 30 requests a day from people, l not only didn’t know, but would never know and more importantly had no wish to know. The world has gone crazy, everyone seemingly wants to be connected and people press yes to friendship requests in the hope of what? Strengthening and increasing their stance within society?

It’s a mystery to me, what about you?

6 thoughts on “Meh to Social Media!!!

  1. 😞 down to 63 fb friends and ready to unfriend more… my high was 102+ and i realized, why? i don’t really know any of them well enough to call friend… it does bewilder me too! Packing day! Tomorrow i move into our new home. 🎉 💥 im feeling guilty i am so happy… i am crazy, aren’t i!!!? Have a swell day Rory!

  2. I’ve never done Facebook. I go on Twitter occasionally. I don’t have the time or, honestly, the inclination to make a lot of new “friends”.
    I DO love WordPress though!! I have met the most amazing, supportive people through blogging. Truly wonderful, kind, caring, kindred-spirits.
    Let’s hope all the “cool people” with all their “friends”, “followers”, whatever…stay over on those other platforms and leave WordPress alone, so we can all still have our place!

    1. Yes l agree with your views on WP, l have met more kindred spirits and souls here than any of the other platforms.

      I use Twit/Face now only for the promotions of Scrappy’s interviews. Occasionally l will post out a Hi to all the other K9rs on her Twit account. But l have no real love for all the strolling and trolling and the drama llamas in the other two.

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