When l wake up …..


When l wake up ……

Sleeping deeply l have been,
Remembering times of good and bad it seems,
Am none too sure when l closed my eyes,
Said it is upon us, time flies,
Confused for l have awoken,
Daily since the slumber, and spoken,
Yet still l sleep unawares,
Trusting few now, am bewares,

Loved and lost within the confines of sleep,
Waterfalls of the gone l weep,
Trappings of lust and romance, a myriad,
Explored and discovered during restless period,
Abundance of scattered emotions,
Explosions of brightly coloured commotions,
And still l sleep on, and awaken to all,
None too sure, if my slumber prevents me further fall,

When l wake up, will l still be me?
Or will l be the person to whom l was before, sleepy?
Will clouds part for me to see,
Pathway pointing towards truer destiny?
Surely purpose, must come into being,
Allowing clearer visions for the seeing,
Darkening mind, again misting to me,
Again l slumber, never peacefully,

Yes l have seen too, mans’ madness ,
Nightmares of misery and continued sadness,
For what is it that l sleep for?
That l may awaken to what was had before?
Life’s’ slumbering mountains are reasons,
Harbouring giants of memory through the seasons,
Will l wake up from this darkened window?
Forever be lost emotionally within the limbo?

To awaken from this lost time, and be inspired,
Blessings of the sands, not leaving me tired,
Allowing me again to walk amongst the living,
Deadwood long gone, absent misgivings,
Would indeed encourage motivation,
Awakened mind alerted afresh to creation,
Finally drinking from the champagne cup,
Perhaps this day will come soon, when l will wake up.


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4 thoughts on “When l wake up …..

  1. I find slumber to be a great way to pass the dark times, but look forward to waking too. I hope you’re okay Rory. I guess one thing the past teaches us is that these times will pass x

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