Darkest Sin


At one point or another we all suffer from ‘the nightmare’, night terrors or just bad cheese, ask Bram Stoker about that one. some say they are a step into another realm, others it is our mind over working the previous day, more suggest it is a form of premonition and Deja vu and the scientists inform us it is all part and parcel of having a healthy imagination … and then there are those who suggest that like bad cheese, that it is diet, your state of mental health, depression, alcohol, drugs and the list goes on … doesn’t much matter what it is caused by when you awaken to a darkened room bathed and swathed in your own fear.

From around the age of 8 l started having nightmares and that continued till only a few years ago, when as suddenly as they began, they suddenly stopped.

I never tried to make heads or tail of them, it was just l figured part of my life. Not all dreams are sweet, and most assuredly not all of them ever make sense!

Darkest Sin

Awakened swathed in sweat,
We three share the same dreams of horrible creation,
Madness screaming with primal lust,
Nightmare worst of yet,
Colliding together nightly in sudden realization,
Demanding terrible cravings a must,
Darkness creeping within,
One body, mind and soul, yet three ways,
Staggering from a crazed waltzing hell,
Warning me of my deepest sin,
All but one during awakened hours of day,
Frightening chimes from deserted church bells,
Screeching from deep inside,
But come nightfall, each beckoning spirits from afore,
Scarily clad wickedness in torn cloth,
Horrors that never hide,
Filling devilish mentally strained agony,
Witches stirring remnants from souls broth,
Dancers of death grim them all,
Constantly screaming within the brain scarred,
Open wounds losing lustre of life,
Bestowing upon mental strains fall,

One man, witnessing too many terrors now charred,
Screams tearing through reapers’ knife!
Ghostly figures of deathly crimes,
Chaos reigning and conquering all that is blessed,
Deafening roars from hideous thunder,
Clotted blood from ancient times,
Ashes firing and igniting crumbling and confessed,
Broken bones and filled hearts torn asunder,
Gathering within silent pools,
Melting mind simmering within juices of pain,
Slippery grime covered hands clenching hard,
Eerie whistling echoing ghouls,
Sinning multiplicity personalities again!
Nightmares dragging mental anguish shards.

Guy or Bloke, Your Choice


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      1. I don’t understand Beckie, not once have l actually received it, l am really baffled by why it is isn’t appearing anywhere. I have gone through my emails inside and out, through the spam folders and it just isn’t turning up. And yet when we just email each other those appear. if you have a copy, are you able to simply paste the whole document into an email, no attachment and just see if it turns up that way?

        I am at a loss on this, as l don’t understand why it is not appearing.


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