Snifty Q9


Snifty Q9

I used to have the most colourful hat possible, it was a form of colourful tartan deerstalker, that had flaps come down, and people did indeed stop and stare! It was awesome, l was terribly upset when it was stolen!

So on that note ….

What would be the hat to end all hats? What could you wear on your head that would make people stop what they are doing and stare in awe and amazement?

24th May –  21st June 2018

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4 thoughts on “Snifty Q9

  1. I love hats, except for baseball caps. I am sorry if this offends people, I don’t mean to cause offense but I just thing baseball caps are just awful.
    Unfortunately I rarely find a hat that fits me. Most hats you can buy generally are of standard S/M or L/XL and I find the S/M is still too big for me.
    I can’t afford to have a hat made.
    I do have a few trilby/homburg type hats, with shorter brims that I like to wear. I would like a panama hat, but again, if the crown is too tall or the brim too wide, it looks silly on my little head.
    I would absolutely love a top hat, or an opera hat that can be compressed then with a quick tap, it pops up. I used to be fascinated by that in films.
    I did once get quite a few stares when I wore my teacosy in the shape of a Cockerel/rooster as a hat.

    1. I used to love hats, these days l have no reason to wear one, but in my thirties l was never without one atop my head 🙂

      I can actually visualise you in a trilby however 🙂

  2. I missed this one while I was I’ll…
    I think I’d wear one of those hats that the fly-fishing dudes wear, only instead of lures, I’d have things important to ME attached. I don’t carry a purse/pocketbook/handbag, so I’d just use the hat to carry everything. A nice brilliant red or possibly purple.

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