Intellectual Treachery


Intellectual Treachery

A coldness …

… lingers within the still air,

Its’ dormancy, chillingly and unusually rare,
Sitting within the darkness of the space,
Looking into the depths of intellectual trace,

Preparing for yet another period of time,
Mentally tallying on how best to define,
Emotions … of late have been rather strained,
Checking responses that have been feigned,

Pausing upon considerations of treachery,
Deliberating the last thought content, warily
Intelligently, calculating the probable cause,
Pondering whether it is faux pas,

Inner mind can be a deceptive vault,
Compacting all problems by default,
Spiritually, debating whether this is a truth,
Subconsciously wondering if the mind is a sleuth,

Betrayal is such an ugly, unpleasant term,
Designed in its very format to make a thinker squirm,
Be gone,

for l need not to think of your deviousness!

Flickering within the confines of my mind like a soft caress!

Nay what will the mind conjure up next?
Perplexed in its completely bewildered complex!
Trusting, the thinker switches to issues of mankind,
Humanity at its very best always splendidly unkind,

Smiting ones’ thoughts back to the reality of the present,
Compacting current thoughts to ones more pleasant,
The brain can be a serious manipulator,
And at times create reflections which one can abhor!

So many ideas can be created in just one day,
Such as visions of the lowest degeneracy,
To the exciting thoughts of the purest debauchery
Alas, this is what comes from intellectual treachery!

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