Best of both Worlds …



Best of both Worlds …

There’s many people that are simply confusing,
And many more that are just downright amusing,
It’s the people that want the best of both worlds,
That baffle me the most and makes my toes curled!

I mean why do so many want a slice of the cake,
Just to eat it and throw it into their wake?
Is the grass in the other pasture, really greener?
Or is this the way of the world’s general demeanour?

Why do some insist that its’ always got to be their way?
And failure to comply means you are on the highway?
You can’t always have it both ways, its hardly fair,
To find a compromise surely must be a better share?

It’s like that poor old donkey and the carrot on a string,
Why do people do that? I guess it must be their thing!
Like the constant widening of the fields’ goal posts,
Making it so much harder to achieve the toast!

Have to be totally honest and say, it’s not my thing at all,
I prefer a simpler life without the complicated crawl!
For people who admire this type of painful ability,
Deception is always in their hidden agenda of feasibility.

Guy or Bloke, Your Choice

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