Snifty Q8


Snifty Q8

What is your signature dance move?

[Answers to be provided with you tube examples please, here’s mine!]

RIP Heath.

24th May –  21st June 2018

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  1. I move to music like I move through life, completely without conscious thought or planning. The music takes me and my knees bend in time to it. I twist and I twirl and jiggle my hips. I flail my arms and occasionally clap or click my fingers. Often I have an inane grin on my face and have my eyes closed. Sometimes I open my eyes to find the dance floor deserted….

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      1. Me too! Felt horrible although I’ve never met him if course, but it broke my heart especially because of his little daughter and wife. First time I watched Brokeback Mountain after his death I couldn’t stop crying.
        It’s good to know I was not alone with this. ☺

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