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“Overly Sensitive ………….

They say, that what goes around comes around, that if you burn the candle at both ends it will eventually catch up with and if you have a hundred accidents these too will come back to haunt your ageing body … ok, ok, perhaps the last one is not totally true!

For the last four months l have been in a lot of serious discomfort and pain with my right shoulder and my hand. Pins and needles, total arm numbness, agonising pain resulting from simple movement, lethargy and what has felt like muscle fatigue. Where possible l try to NOT take any medication for the pain, as l prefer to natutally overcome the pain, but of course sadly some pain is not that easily subdued. Eben as l type now my right shoulder and upper arm leading to my elbow is in a lot of stress. I have almost become used to the numbness in my hands, and an involuntary twitch l have in one of my fingers is so common place now, that l mostly ignore it.

I have to continually clench and unclench my right hand to ease off both the numbness and the pins and needles, but equally to stop the damn locking in my fingers.

After waiting for weeks to get to see a physiotherapist, l finally had my appointment today, l should have had a carpal tunnel one yesterday but simply could not get there due to transport issues. So will have to see if l can rearrange that. it is also suggested that you will feel worse after a visit than your pain thought it was in prior to the visit, and l am not going to contest that. I have been in absolute pain and discomfort all day and all the tablets [yes l had to succumb] have achieved is making me feel ill and woozy, but haven’t done anything to alleviate the pain.

I figured this came around maybe due to posture or that somehow l had a torn muscle maybe whilst digging the compost, as you may have guessed these days l am not really the practical handyman … l have Suze for that. I am mostly a geek, and office bound at that, but to my dismay l was informed that this ‘injury’ was probably around 15 +years old and was l able to recount any significant accidents l had experienced from perhaps as young as 5?

Was he serious? Yes he was and so l had to list ind detail all the accidents l had: falling through trees, kicked by hourses, trodden on by a hippo, been hit by planes, trains and autombiles, several car crashes, attacked by racoons, electrocuted, falling over for no other reason apart from the fact l could, fallen down cliff faces, fallen off rooves, fallen through floors, slammed into walls and he listened intently as the list went on with his eyes widening and his agape mouth getting closer to the floor.

“No, l am looking for more of a serious whiplash kind of accident Rory, any of those types of accidents?” “Oh right, you should have said.” And so l started to list the specifics for that, until he stopped me and said “I reckon that’s the one l am looking for.” Which one do you think he picked? That’s right, one of the MOST dumbest accidents ever, which l have recently written about in Secret Musings.

Whereas l believed that the damage was the diaphram he then went on to explain, that when my head hit the sand, my neck had swung violently over the protruding pole and caused the current damage now. “Is the damage a badly healed muscle then?”

“No, it’s serious nerve damage between C5-6 and C6-7 it’s the root nerve which branches off the spinal cord which travels down the arm to the elbow to the hand. It’s an age related degenerative injury.”

“Oh right.” i said nodding and thinking, what?

Then he gave it a fancy name, ‘supraspinatus tendinosis’ and explianed that the pain l was experiencing now, sadly was only to get worse as he worked to heal it. He believed it might take anywhere between 4 – 9 months and l thought “Joy!!”

Continuing he then said, that l should really try to get the ‘carpal tunnel’ examination done, as he believed that there was a strong suggestion that l might also have that, and if l did, l had to be a really unlucky guy and maybe quite clumsy … with that he stopped and l could see him thinking about my list of accidents over the years and added, well at least you don’t lead quite the hyper active lifestyle of before.

What he believes had occued was the whiplash was not even considered as a potential accident at the time of the diaphram and so no further exploratives were carried out, however because l didn’t allow myself or rather was not allowed to recover, l just continued to do more damage to it, whilst working with the animals.

So there we go, l thought, finally some answers which is the good news, and yet the bad news is the pain’s going to get worse! Story of my life l feel ha ha!!

………….. or just overly clumsy!

Dear Blog ……

5 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 23.35 – 15/6/18

  1. Sounds a really tough break. Consider pain medication… even just a wee bit? I understand if you dont, my daughter wont take aspirin, aleve or any other pain pill… she has survived terrible pain before and I remember while her mouth was completely swollen shut and cut off from swallowing. She later had her tonsils removed and the surgeon found they each were the size of a fist. He was amazed at her fortitude… i am amazed at you. Ouch! Get well soon.

    1. Morning Jeanne, just another case of what goes around comes around. Karma is a devil 🙂 I have had to give in and am now taking a strong pain killer, makes me woozy and is slowing me down a little.

  2. Oh, BOY…no words for this one… really sorry to hear that you are in such pain. Re. the tendinitis, I switched the computer mouse to my left hand many years ago now and that made a huge difference. Takes some getting used to but I don’t even realize the difference now. Other than that… “trodden on by a hippo…”?! I would like to hear THAT story when you are feeling better…😳

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