Ambition: Good or Bad? — Cristian Mihai

Defined as “a burning desire to create,” ambition has been considered for a long time as one of the most important ingredients for success. But is it enough to just want something? The universe is indifferent. It doesn’t give you what you want. It doesn’t satisfy your obsessions. Thoughts don’t magically materialize. Effort. Sacrifice. Discipline. […]

via Ambition: Good or Bad? — Cristian Mihai

Another great post – my motto has always been the same from the first day l realised that ambition was what got you from the start of the day to the end!

Fall down seven times, get up eight!!

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          1. Couldn’t things always be marginally better? Well, actually, there have been brief moments when I was 100% contented, and nothing could have made them better. Two out of three of them involved mountains, and the third an isolated Canadian lake.

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