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K9 Product Review Interview – WoofPack Trails

01] Name of the product/service?

WoofPack dog walking accessory bag

02] Website Link

WoofPack Trails

03] Social Media Links

Twitter: MicahandMarley

Facebook: WoofPack Trails

Other: Instagram: MicahDood

04] Blog/Forum/Vlog Links Blog:


05] Are you a new hobby/business concept, or identity to the market?

New business concept.

06] How long have you been established?

About 11 months

07] What exactly is your product/service about?


My product is a dog walking “carryall” that features an inner antimicrobial lining that holds bagged doggy poo until it can be thrown in a garbage can. It promotes “hands-free” dog walking by eliminating the need to carry bagged dog poop. It also has separate compartments for cell phone, keys, treats, waste bags, etc. and can be worn four ways.

08] Who does it specifically cater to?

Dog lovers on-the-go – who walk, hike or run with their pets.

09] How did you come up with the concept of your idea? Did you have any previous experience with what you do, or was it completely fresh?


I got tired of stuffing tissues, keys, bags, etc. into my pants’ pockets and thought a lightweight carryall would be great to have for walks with my dog. I just hang it by the door and grab it when I leave to go on walks.

10] What has been the reaction to the product since first launching into the public domain?

The reaction has been great! I’ve sold the majority of the bags at Dog Expos/Fairs and have gotten great feedback from those who love the idea – as well as those who actually use the product.

11] Do you use promotional or boosted or organic marketing techniques to raise the awareness to what you do?

Primarily organic marketing but I did a FB ad at Christmas. I expect to do more strategic, targeted ads.

12] If you use social media to market your product/service is this meeting your expectations in so far as awareness and or sales?


No, social media has not significantly contributed to my sales but hopefully, is increasing awareness of the product/brand.

13] Is your hobby/business unique or different in any way to your competitors or the next person along? If so, how, tell us about it?

I think there are a few other “dog poop bags” on the market but they don’t have separate compartments for personal items.

14] Has the product/service been well received?

Very well received by most dog lovers.

15] Did/do you have a strategy/plan for achieving success? What was/is your end goal or achievement?


Yes, I have an initial business plan I created and am updating my marketing strategy for this year. My end goal is to increase sales to five figures by year-end and to eventually launch the next line of “WoofPack”sometime next year. Ambitious goal!

16] Did you always believe that your hobby/idea/product/brand was going to be successful or did it not bother you? 

You have to believe your product is going to be successful or why put the time & energy into it? I believer there’s a need for the product for those who walk their pets and for professional dog walkers. Why carry stinky bagged dog poo if you don’t have to?

17] Does your brand receive the right amount of publicity/attention that you think it warrants? If not, what other tactics have you introduced to help it along? If it has, are you pleased with the results?

No, I don’t think so. I’ve pitched my idea to several local newspapers but have not gotten any interest – yet. Still, I was excited to be reviewed by Modern Dog magazine recently and awarded the 2018 FAV FIND. Also, a few other bloggers reviewed the WoofPack and gave it a thumbs up. I keep knocking on doors and trying to formulate the right angle. It takes persistence and the ability to overcome rejection. Starting a business is not for the faint-hearted.

18] How do your customers/clients/readers feel about you or your business, brand or content?


Great feedback so far. Most dog lovers think the product is a good idea and that there’s a need for it.

19] Following the success of this product/service – what do you have planned next?

To launch the  next WoofPack product which will be a training bag that is smaller in size and can be worn around the waist. The intended use will be to hold small training treats and a “clicker” for when you train your dog. I used a plastic bag to hold treats when I went through doggy training classes. There are versions of this training pack on the market but mine will be smaller, lighterweight and compact.

20] What else can you tell us about your hobby/product/service that the questions have not covered as of yet?

It was born from a passion I have for dogs and inspired by walks with my own dog, Micah. I think it’s a great product for dog lovers who are active with their pets – whether they walk, hike, camp or run with their dogs. You need to clean up after your pet and if there’s no trash can in the immediate vicinity, you’re left holding the bag until you find the nearest one – or until you arrive home. Why carry the bag when WoofPack can carry the load?


My thanks to WoofPack Trails for pawticipating in our K9 Product Review interview Series.

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Also don’t forget to check out Micah and Marley’s K9 Interview

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