What makes you to read a post? — Alien Poet

Share in comment what makes you to read a post. Does the title make you read or the favorite blogger?

via What makes you to read a post? — Alien Poet


So, what makes you read a post?  An interesting question posed by Alien Poet.

16 thoughts on “What makes you to read a post? — Alien Poet

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      1. Worry not, l think that is another example of what makes or doesn’t make people read a post. Content length is indeed a factor taken into consideration.

        I cannot honestly say what makes me read a post, whether it be the items l have already listed, or indeed similiar to that of when you first pick up a book and you read the first half page and decide if you wish to read the book or not.

        The first few lines in truth will determine whether l proceed or not.

        If a blogger l follow is running a series, l will read the post irrespective.

        But of course time is also significant to this question, as is individual reading style.

        I read a lot maybe 50+ books a year and enjoy reading long story and tale, l am also verbose and because of that and the former combined, many of my posts are written as long story tale, so my reading style will easily take into my stride other bloggers of that calibre.

        Additionally, l try to read as many new bloggers as l can, because l love what they have to say.

        I think for me the biggest problem is time restraint, l simply like many others don’t have the time to read everything as much as l would like to.

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      2. Thank you sir, your comment is most valuable and you have put forth what I wanted to write down.. First few lines decide if I gotta proceed or end it there..and ya, time is a constraint to me..I try to close up the reading so quickly..still I am glad to know more about your style of reading

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  1. I know most of the bloggers in my reader, by style or content, so i rarely notice the title. I do read the titles. But it makes no impact, whether to read or not.

    There are a few instances where the title pulls me in or shoves me away. That is because those bloggers tend to shift in tone or substance and reading the title prepares me for the expectation. Hope that helps! And it is a great question!! 💜🕊j

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  2. There are bloggers who have achieved “favourite status” and I open and read all with out any further consideration.
    For new bloggers, I’ll read ones with a pic or catchier titles.
    I’m soooo not an ‘angst-ridden’ poetry lover though. Honestly, that’s like the swamp of WordPress for me and I won’t read those at all

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  3. Title and image first, if I know them next. I follow a prison that posts all different writers (all prisoners). It’s all about the words and writing… not anything else. I open a lot a click out after a sentence or two. It has to capture my interest to keep me reading.

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  4. Apologies Rory, I just want to explain you are posting at a rate and length that made it difficult for me to catch up. 😂 Sometimes I’ll just click on a random post to read, don’t worry, it’s my loss not yours. 😊

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    1. Hey Dream, this particular post is a reblog of Alien Poet – as to my rate, yeah l know l have sped up admittedly, my brain feels like it is filling up again at a rapid rate. so, l have to pen all my thoughts, and the blog gets hit. LOL!

      I do hope you are keeping well 🙂

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  5. The comments here are interesting comments…great question, of course my followed sites are first for myself, but I also search for topics that interest me and read nearly everything that comes up…I like finding new blogs personally…it’s fun to discover!

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