These Basic Cooking Skills Were Once Essential, But Now They’re Dying Out —

We can all agree that the microwave has increased convenience in the kitchen. However, the old-fashioned skills that we were once common have begun to fade from the everyday with each new convenience offered. 365 more words

via These Basic Cooking Skills Were Once Essential, But Now They’re Dying Out —

This is a really interesting post.  How many of these old styles are still practised daily, weekly or monthly? I read an interesting article the other day about how many children are now growing up without the basic requirements of learning what used to be popular when we were kids and our parents showed us. Like for me, my Father showed me how to shave, but now many young men are not showed how to do this by their own Fathers.

My Mother taught me how to cook before l became a chef, she taught me pickling and canning methods, but we don’t live in an age that requires us to do this anymore – or do we? Are we now coming back on ourselves and these old ways will soon see a revival?

What do you think?

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  1. A favorite topic of mine. Disregard my comment on the other post for the purposes of this one.
    I started my career as a.cook/chef. We have hodads in hospitality who can’t even make a homeless person a sandwich without making it all about themselves.

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  2. I couldn’t read the whole article but i have practiced the first four… pickling, canning, gardening and drying herbs. My oldest daughter is interested in learning from me but my youngest daughter is still ensnared in modern conveniences. (Although that may change as we are moving across the street from a working farm! Yeah!)

    I admit, i rely on farmer’s markets more and more, but could fend for myself should the time come and those skills are needed. Community is falling apart rather rapidly… in sections. I spent summers on my grandparents farm. Farms are hard work but afford more magic than Disney can imagine. More kids should spend some time on a farm rather than amusement parks. My sense is life’s meaning and beauty is lost to far too many.

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    1. Hey Jeanne,

      I spent a considerable amount of time on a farm when l was young and learned quite a bit about what l would call ‘proper living’, backyard farming and old ways 🙂

      I agree, community is fast falling apart, and kids are spending too much time in the wrong place and for too long.

      Sadly however with the way things are shaping up and whilst this isn’t a defence it still needs to be mentioned. in the UK, most parents these days are having to work full time jobs, and in some cases two jobs which means children lose out a lot on basic living skills.

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      1. Hey Rory! My grandfather farmed with horses up until 1967. Modern life is great but generations afterward were not prepared to deal with the psychological and spiritual changes it brought… just like the new A.I. and its affects on this next generation. Again, we are not addressing how it will affect people mentally and spiritually. We are walking blindly into a really bad place and too many follow the “coolness” of technology, engrossed inward, while failing to notice the outward needs of those around them. We get buried in the “feel good” despite your actions affecting others who “feel bad”. Strange times!

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      2. Yep, the ”’digital footprint” has a lot to answer in many respects. One day community will return with that presence. The whole footprint could disappear, but people being people will crawl back up to the surface and start to act like people again.

        But it will not be in your or mine’s lifetime, but somewhere deep in the future.

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  3. Should society completely fall apart (and it seems closer all the time) my family and I will do okay. Not that we have a fully stocked bunker but I taught my daughters gardening, foraging and canning. We did a lot of tent camping too.
    My older daughter is sure we’re going to have a zombie apocalypse… LOL
    Cooking, sewing, fixing broken things on the car or around the house, basic life skills, were just taught as the kiddos hung around me or their father. It’s too bad that not only are the skills not being learned, but the “hanging out together” time is lost too.

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    1. Are you saying you don’t believe in the zombie apocalypse? Whatever next that there is no Easter Bunny …?

      Personally, l think we are already experiencing the apocalypse especially how 95% of the wolrd seem to be permanetly glued to their mobile phones …. lol, just saying. I have an old fashioned brick, has 4 functions, in/out text and in/out calls only.

      As to the other things totally agree, although having said that Suze doesn’t let me near certain tools, and as for changing plugs, well l have short hair for a reason … hasn’t got far to stand up when l electrocute myself for the zillionith time!


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