Snifty Q6


Snifty Q6

When l was a kid l used to make the most exciting of sandwich concoctions! Twiglet and vegemite and crisps was the all time awesomeness for me!

So, what’s the best sandwich combination you have made recently or indeed when you were growing up and food could be eaten without any consequence?

24th May –  21st June 2018

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14 thoughts on “Snifty Q6

  1. I liked it when Rambo’s CO said he could eat things that would make a billy goat puke. My brother, myself and our neighbor took it as a challenge and worked pretty hard to see what we could stomach and shit out.

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  2. Peanut butter & jam sammie with potato chips (crisps across the pond) in the middle. Salty, sweet and crunchy.
    Also pb & slices of sharp cedder cheese make a good sammie.

    A half pear, peeled…a dollop of mayo in the dent from the pit…sprinkle with shredded cheddar. Sounds gross but it’s yummy.

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  3. My favourite sandwich combination is Ham, Cheddar Cheese and Pickle, either branston or piccalilli, I’m not proud.

    But I don’t consider that a weird combination, although lots of people have given me odd looks when i’ve been eating that sandwich (have they never seen a man shoving half a sandwich into his mouth in one go before?). They even asked me if they went together! I said Ham Cheese and Pickle! Of course they do, like three sexual deviants surrounded by leather and PVC. And that’s probably why I had to leave my job. Enough said.

    One of my weird combination sandwiches that I like is Wotsits (those cheesy puff things), Mini cheddars (those small cheese crackers), grated cheese and pickle. All squashed between two well buttered bits of bread (sounds a bit saucy doesn’t it?)

    You can see why I’m not invited to many buffets.

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    1. Ham, cheese and pickle whichever one is ‘LEGEND!!!” although l can no longer eat bread, pickle or ham lol. But l used to love that with piccalilli! nom nom!

      As to the wotsits, do you not find they stick to your teeth and when you smile it just kind of looks well, icky lol?

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