Random Quotes 18#


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“I like my world to be quiet, silence is not my enemy.”

“I am often surprised at just how many people cannot abide their own company, they feel the need to be surrounded by hustle bustle and city life  – a cocophany of unwanted and unnecessary noise – just to feel a part of something other than just being a part of themselves, and then complain because they don’t have any alone time. When the reality is they fear being alone more than just enjoying thoughts with themselves.

My autism detaches me from certain things, and whilst many see that as disabling, l think that comes down to a person’s individual interpretation of what is. I can survive without people in my life. I don’t experience loneliness and never have, l know being alone but am comfortable with who l am even with inner conflicts.”

“It’s a mindset, that you are either willing to accept into your life or not, that’s really all it is. Being alone to me is a form of meditation, a reboot of my system – if more people stop pannicking about being in their own company, they might find that they are not so lonely.”


Don’t make things too complicated. Try to relax, enjoy every moment, get used to everything.

Angelique Kerber



3 thoughts on “Random Quotes 18#

  1. AMEN!! I prefer my own company to about 95% of the rest of the world. I think that people who fear being alone are afraid of confronting the things they should change about themselves.

    1. Yes, l think you are right – people are afraid of having to look too deeply at themselves and so prefer to not be by themselves.

      As said l don’t get lonely, but in a small degree whilst l can understand the issue, l think that people need to stop dwelling on it so much and just get on with things.

      One of the biggest suggestions for ‘depression’, is to keep yourself busy. Now last October l was in a right mess, l will not pretend that currently every day is a bed of roses. But, l decided to NOT let depression keep holding me down, so decided to make my awesome brain work for me and so this blog, as the blog now is a far cry from the weepy woe l began back in September.

      I repost a lot of my poetry from back then, because it wasn’t seen my that many good folks, but also, l didn’t post it with spirit and enthusiasm because of the depression.

      In october, l changed shape, l cast out the demons that were irking me and not paying rent and vowed to keep as positive as possible! The depression subsided, sure it will not work for everyone, but l am not everyone, l am me, and it works 🙂

      1. Im glad it worked for you!! I’ve had issues with depression since my teens. I, like you, decided to focus on the positive. Life is still damn hard and I still have rough days, but I try to laugh as often as possible and be silly & weird to make others laugh. I try to let tomorrow be, and focus on today.
        You’re right, it won’t necessarily work for everyone, but I think it’s good for everyone to work on their perspective.

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