A thousand million thoughts crashing, causing an unstoppable cacophony of misery

That slow rumbling in the pit of your stomach,
That familiar sickening grind in your mind,
Rising nausea,
Sweating, shaking,

The urge to cry and throw up at the same time,
The quickening of your heart beat,
Panic overwhelms your every thought,
The brain explodes,

The increasing screaming from within rising to be heard!
Deep breathing to try and steady your heart,
Eyes desperate to fix on something, ANYTHING other than the nothing which tries to consume you!

Because it’s not NOTHING, it’s SOMETHING; it’s always a something that will,
………… grip you out of the blue, from the darkness,

And press on you, imprint you with a dreadful fear that you are
Falling, that you are

Try and focus, try and breathe, try to remain calm,
Calmer than you are ….

Just focus, don’t let the insidiousness of this win.

Guy … or … Bloke, it’s your choice.

September 2017


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