Dream logic rambles — fuck the lemonade

Ramble time… We have all had those moments: We wake from some kick arse dream and say to ourselves “Self, that kick arse dream would make a kick arse book.” So, we write that shit down on anything we can find on our bedside table. In the morning, sometime in the waking moments after coffee […]

via Dream logic rambles — fuck the lemonade

“This is an awesome sauce post!!”

“IV drip. Morphine. House fire. Peter Quill. Hokey Pokey ice cream.”

4 thoughts on “Dream logic rambles — fuck the lemonade

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  1. A lot of my dilemmas have been answered in my dreams. If I have a difficult choice to make, I’ll ask myself which I should choose before I go to sleep, and often, my dreams will provide the answer. Our sub-conscious is trying so hard to help us! Only in sleep can it get through all the active brain noise.
    And sometimes, dreams are just jumbled crap that our brains are dumping. Like taking out the trash… LOL

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    1. Totally agree with you 🙂

      I don’t dream everyday, not as much as l used to. But mostly because l have to at times ‘switch off’ my dream mode, so as in order to get sleep, failing to do so, allows my guide to start all sorts of crusades!! So it’s easier to switch off.

      However, dreaming is a brilliant way to reboot the system, and yes clear out the trash – bit like a computers’ cookie dump 🙂

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