The Doolittle Challenge?


Hey all,

However, are there any animals that you might like to hear tales and stories of? I am pretty flexible and over 20 years specifically worked with many different species, never mind species l have had contact with before and after that period of time.

So far we have had spiders, llamas, alpacas, platypus, goats, tortoises, miniature pigs, pot bellied pigs and domestic pigs  what’s next?

Or are you going to be the next one that bests me, like Ashley did with her request of Warthogs?


So drop me a comment below, what you might like to see written about!

I will ask this question every week from this day onwards.

I hope you are enjoying the series so far..

Thanks All.


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15 thoughts on “The Doolittle Challenge?

    1. Wow Ashley, when you do ‘out there’ you really throw the gauntlet 🙂

      Warthog as a species and member of the pig family of suids or swine of Suidae l have very little direct experience with – l arranged an export from a German zoo to a private farm collection is 2007. But literally that was my experience.

      So you have ousted me there:)

      As to other Suids such as ‘wild boar – very little again – just an awareness of growing populations scattered around the UK and an awareness of some collections that have escaped.

      Domestic pig part of the Suids family, l have one tale only.

      I very rarely dealt with real agricultural livestock as l would call the domestic pigs, however in the early days of my business in 1998/2001 l was sited on a large pig farm and had a run in with a very large and protective boar!

      I can tell you that story, but other otherwise – sadly not – as in direct and funny tails.

      Oink. 🙂

            1. In 1996-99 l was a large scale private breeder of guinea pigs with 500 sows. I adored them, l used to love the noise when l would walk into the barn in the morning – l didn’t believe in breeding guineas in hutches, so kept them in open straw bound pens.

              They would greet you with their beautiful chirping every morning. They knew how to make a person truly happy 🙂

  1. I’m sure you must’ve run afoul of a raccoon at some time. They look so cute but I’ve heard they aren’t very nice.
    Ok skunks? I’ve heard if you have the scent glands removed they’re great pets, like cats.

      1. Oh, what a horrid bunch of neighbors you had! I guess you should’ve just let him keep the £20. Your story proves what I’ve heard. They can be sweet or batshit insane. Looking forward to Pepe Le Pee lol

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