Q.F.T.D 67


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Good Morning Everyone – Peekaboo!

It’s Thursday! It’s uncanny isn’t it? How there is one of these each week?

1976 – 1977


I’m happy to sparkle like a glazed disco ball

Paloma Elsesser


Disco deserved a better name, a beautiful name because it was a beautiful art form. It made the consumer beautiful. The consumer was the star.

Barry White

I’m from the disco era where everybody thought they were John Travolta… What song is going to get me on the dance floor? Anything from ‘Saturday Night Fever,’ and you’re up there like a demon.

Ian McShane


I returned to the UK in 1977, from Australia. It was this year that l really started to take notice of Music for my own ears and not something that was playing at home and my parents were listening to – this is when the 70’s really spoke to me musically. Not the fashion, the fashion simply sucked!

The first song l am choosing is one of the first songs l heard which was by  Showaddywaddy, there were others l heard initially like Bay City Rollers, but l couldn’t stand them at all!

Showaddywaddy – Under the Moon of Love – 1976

Bee Gees – You Should Be Dancing – 1976 – This had to be here, you know that!!

Bees Gees – Night Fever – 1977 – Yep This Too!

Star Wars Theme – Cantilina Band – 1977 – it wouldn’t be complete without this! [Okay it’s the disco version]

In 1976 -7 , we were spolied by a glut of excellent movies, choices, the choices folks!!

John T was in this you know?

Good old Sly!

For 77 there was also a lot of choice, however l have gone for the strangest, who saw this – come on fess up?

Have a totally awesome Thursday Folks!

8 thoughts on “Q.F.T.D 67

  1. I don’t remember that Showaddyaddy song. Of course, the Bee Gees!! Don’t touch the hair.. LOL!! Carrie, yay… Rocky, boo. Not a fan. Never heard of Jabberwocky. That trailer almost looks like a Montey Python thing…
    In 1976, I was put in a car with complete strangers (to me) and driven half way across the US to spend a few weeks with my Biological Father, who I hadn’t seen in 5+ years and didn’t remember. It wasn’t a pleasant visit. His new wife wasn’t kind. I came home on a plane, my first time.
    Tomorrow we need some Sir Elton John👍

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