Let’s Talk: The P Word

Poetry? Dead in the water, lost forever – what gives?

13 thoughts on “Let’s Talk: The P Word

        1. Yes they do sadly, but ‘words are dead’ stumped me for a long time lol!

          Oh my that could be true the way our world is shaping up, thank goodness for the small mercies of poetry bloggers then eh 🙂

          1. …I think we r moving towards the place where everything will be “online” 🙂 but hopefully not fully dead.
            Would be cool to check the world 50 or 100 years from now. I think the poetry should survive tho

            1. Poetry will always survive, and what will happen is that people will change. youngsters these days are starting to take an active interest again in LP’s, many said that market was dead and purely for collectors, and yet it is enjoying a revival in the UK from teenagers and young adults.

              It is simply a case of a tiny spark that will make people reach for words again in the initial and original formats and appreciation will once again flourish 🙂

  1. I admit I had no interest in poetry before I started writing it in January, now I am quite obsessed!
    The key to getting young people enthused is to study modern verse that resonates with their lives and their emotions.
    My younger son’s school has links with a number of writers – fiction, screenplay and poetry. They visit the school and do workshops with the students, and really get them engaged in writing.

    1. Yes l agree with that, make it so they are interested. In many l had always seen the early forms of Rap as a modern form of expressive and street cred variation of poetry.

      Having workshops with writers is a great idea – but each school is very different to the next.

      But l do believe if you can give kids, and not just kids but from that age upwards a reason to fall in love with words, writing, imagination, creation and invention you can allow them to see the true beauty.

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