Write Nifty With A Snifty


So 4 Questions down so far of 10!

How are you doing?

Remember to take part in The Snifty Challenge you only have to answer the minimum of 7 questions.

Each Month there will be 5 winners:

2 winners of 1 pen.

2 winners of 2 pens.

1 winner of 4 pens.

So, the first competition is based upon:

“The Funniest Answers’ To The Strangest Questions!”

I will ask one question every three days, so a total of ten questions over the duration of one month. You must answer at least seven of the ten questions to qualify as an entry. However, l do like a bit of a crypticness to things, so there is a twist, but l am not going to tell you here and the only way you can find out what the twist is – is if you [entrant] hear from me during the period of the month before the competition has ended.

The questions will simply be entitled for this duration “Snifty Q” [and whatever number it is ].

So there we go … you know what to look out for now.


4 thoughts on “Write Nifty With A Snifty

  1. Oh well damn…I don’t think my #4 response was all that funny. Maybe if I really did it, I think I would be laughing all the way out the door!! Okay, I’ll liven it up for the next one

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