Snifty Q4


Snifty Q4

What’s something that your brain tries to make you do, say or think and you have to exercise all your strength to NOT do it?

Time To Fess Up!

24th May –  21st June 2018

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28 thoughts on “Snifty Q4

      1. Oh yes, l am aware of the classic movement! The “Watch out buddy, don’t fuck with me again!” Eye flutter.

        Yes, an atypically classic and notoriously dangerous move, that many people miss ….


  1. I’m with Jay-lyn, not using sarcasm or rolling my eyes at dumb-ass sheeple is a challenge. I also have to bite my tongue when someone is telling a long, convoluted, boring story, not to interrupt them and tell them to get to the point already.
    Yikes! I sound kinda bitchy. Oh well, I am me, I’ll own it😂

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      1. About to retire now, Scrappy fell asleep across the door of the office, dead to the world, she has only just awoken, now l can get out of the office lol! Have a great day, catch you later 🙂


  2. I had one of those “Mole, Moley, MOLEY’ moments, like in one of those Austin Powers films. It was an important meeting and he was an important person, well influential to the successful outcome I was hoping for. It took all my energy not to mention the mole that seemed to be staring at me. Taunting me. With it’s tongue hanging out.
    I was so relieved when the meeting ended. I didn’t get the outcome I had wanted though. I think I still stared too much. Oh Well.

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    1. Ha ha. Yes, can totally relate to that, l knew a chap once that had a wart on the very end of his nose, and l was so trying not to say anything, look at anything, it was terrible!!!!

      I had to make sure that l didn’t have any words that even remotely sounded like wart!!

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