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The biggest problems with society are its people – sounds harsh – but it’s not, not really. Of course everything is reflective upon a person’s individual interpretation – however … there are real people and then there are fake people or l like to sometimes refer to them as ‘pretend people’.

I see grey … no, wrong, l see pretend people a lot! So do most of you l guess, we all do, we are surrounded by pretend people most of our lives, they pretend to be friendly, they pretend to care, they are in essence the grey people of our lives, they are indefinitive – neither here nor there, just inbetween.

I dislike the grey people more than the pretend people, because the former don’t know where they want to be nor who they want to be, they love sitting on the fence which is simply sad, whilst the latter know who they are, but simply don’t like anyone else because they think they are always better than them, that is scary stuff!

But what’s truly terrifying is that most times the greys and the pretends \are most often or not simply known as the majority of society! They are better known as “Fear and Ignorance.”


“Fear is the only true enemy, born of ignorance and the parent of anger and hate.”

Edward Albert

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  1. I guess the group I refer to as “sheeple”, the blind followers, the purposely ignorant, would be part of your “greys”? Or would you classify them separately?

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