Treats — Real Life of an MSW

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via Treats — Real Life of an MSW

This is sheer brilliance am still laughing!

3 thoughts on “Treats — Real Life of an MSW

    1. I know it’s awesome, probably all the more funnier for me because l have done the same.
      Many years ago my Mother unknownst to me had taken the family cat to the vets, and had come back with a small bag of treats, albeit l thought they were just strange little chocolate buttons. But they had been for the cat, and l scoffed the lot.

      Hours later l was suffering from a terrible stomach pain, and my Mother was asking everyone in the house if they had seen Jasmines treats???

      I kept on denying it was me, until l threw up, and then she simply said, well for starters Rory they were for the cat! And secondly they had a medication on them to help her go to the toilet more easily!!!

      If l thought the stomach pain was bad enough l was wrong, if l thought throwing up was terrible, l was wrong again.

      What was worse was being on the loo for the next 12 hours!!

      Ha ha ha!!

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