Random Quotes 12#


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“Overly helpful people creep me out!!”


Overly positive, horrendously cheerful people can make a depressed person even more depressed. In fact, perhaps the least helpful thing one can say to a depressed person is, “Cheer up!”

— Harold H. Bloomfield

8 thoughts on “Random Quotes 12#

  1. That’s probably me. I never tell anyone to “Cheer Up” I’ve been on the receiving end of that too much, but I am generally a smiley cheerful chap (on the outside at least) and will probably get on peoples nerves. Oh well. 🙂 Happy Saturday anyway.

    1. No that’s not you Kristian 🙂

      Yes you are friendly and helpful and positive.

      Trust me if you met a really overly helpful person, they come across as cringe worthy – and l am sure that by writing that you can at least recognise the personalities l make reference to here 🙂

      We have all met them, the ones that simply come across as false aka shallow 🙂

      Your writing, doesn’t strike me as shallow my friend and neither do you, so don’t park yourself into the same bay as the people l refer to here 🙂


    2. I agree with Rory. Being cheerful is much much different than the fake, gushy, almost manically happy people he wrote about.
      I’ve usually got a smile on my face because I *choose* to look for the joy & happiness. And because life is silly and ridiculous even when it’s horrible and painful.

      1. Thanks. I am glad that my smileyness is not construed as vacant or fake. Like you I try to choose to be happy. I think both a smile and a frown can be contagious and I’d rather spread the first not the second. 🙂

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