My thanks to Ray of raynotbradbury for nominating me for this little gem – “Ancient Authors”

The rules are simple, as always:

  • Choose the author or philosopher (it should be one from the Ancient Time). Don’t know anyone? Google it lol It shouldn’t be so hard. 
  • Choose 3 quotes of this author/philosopher. The country of origin – doesn’t matter (Egypt, Greece…Italy). Add any info or explanation if you like. 
  • Share those quotes and nominate 3 to 6 people. 
  • Ops, that’s not obligatory. 
  • The title for the post? Choose something cool. I know you are smart enough.


My choice is going to be one of my all time favourite authors from times of old –  Marcus Tullius Cicero. I studied Classical History at school, and of all the famous identities l studied, l was captivated by this man. A Roman politician and lawyer, writer and scholar.

His written works include books of rhetoric, orations and both philosophical and political treatises and letters. Today he is greatly remembered as one of Rome’s greatest orators, as well as the principal innovator of what was to become known as Ciceronian rhetoric. Ciceronian as a word in the English language means ‘eloquent’ and Cicero was just that – both an eloquent speaker and writer.

Cicero is responsible for transforming Latin from a modest utilitarian language into a versatile literary medium or vehicle with the practical capability of expression of abstractivity and complicated thoughts with clarity.

Choosing three quotes alone from this great man is hard, however:

“Silence is one of the great arts of conversation.”

“The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living.”

“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.”

My Nominations Are:

Ana – Timeless Classics

Afzal – Scribbled Verse

Kristian – Tales from The Mind of Kristian

Jeanne – Borderline Crossing

Richa – iScriblr

Em – Earthly Brain

I have nominated the chosen due to their love of literature and reading, verse and prose and a love of the ancient times. You are under no obligation to participate, but l actually do believe you will love this little challenge as indeed l have.


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      1. Which is the inner beauty of it – do you honestly think l am functioning at 7.25am in the morning when QFTD comes out? Ha ha, l am awake, but not with it until a cup of tea and one cup of coffee later which is about 8.30 lol 🙂

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    1. He was an awesome character of his time – of course there were many, but this man struck me as above excellent – l was so captivated by him, that l went out and bought everything that was available and continued to both read and study his life long after school history 🙂

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  1. This is great! Perhaps I can be brought round from my dislike of studying Cicero in Latin – his sentences are just so long…!

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