Snifty Q3


Snifty Q3

Where is the worst smelling place you’ve ever been?

[Yes that’s exactly what l am asking that place when you nearly vomited into your mouth or hell maybe it escaped?]

Time To Fess Up!

24th May –  21st June 2018

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10 thoughts on “Snifty Q3

  1. The one that comes to mind was a couple months ago. I was in France with French Charming and the kids. French Charming is a cleaning ninja. He cleans all the time. I wanted to be helpful and noticed the french kitty’s litter “hut” (it’s a covered box with a flap door) was smelling particularly foul. I decided to clean it. When I took the cover off the smell made me gag. So I put Kleenex up both nostrils (I looked like a walrus with the Kleenex hanging out both sides of my nose) and began to clean the box. It was the worst smell ever! Despite the Kleenex I could still smell it. And when I started scooping it got worse. I must have gagged 10 times. The kids were there laughing at me. Tears were running down my face as I laughed and gagged until the box was clean. In the end we figured out it was some new litter French Charming bought. He was instructed to never buy that brand again!!

  2. The outside freezer. Apparently came unplugged during winter. Not knowing. It got warm out. I kept smelling something out near there. Finally, I open the freezer. It’s full of rotting salmon, halibut, and moose meat. An inch of rotting blood in the bottom. ohmygod it was horrible. So so horrible.

    1. Oh my – yeah, have to be honest, l once had to clean out an old butchers’ freezer – many moons ago when l was a youngster and l must have thrown up four times in an hour – rotting meat is the worst!

  3. The worst smelling place is hard to pinpoint. While we were taking a family (the ex, the daughters & me) road trip from California to Indiana we passed several ginormous cattle ranches. We could see the funk in the air as we drove down the freeway. We would roll up the windows, close all the vents, drive very fast and try to hold our breath until we’d passed out of the cloud of stink. Truly disgusting smell.

    1. Oh yes, l agree, one of the ‘fowlest [boom boom] smells here is the days leading to clean out of the chicken farms, failing that when l lived in Malaysia, we lived opposite a ‘prawn drying station’ – oh my good grief Charlie Brown, that honked!!

  4. Now I have some hens, so you’d think I would be familiar with the smell of bird droppings. Actually as animal poo goes, chicken poo is not that bad, in small doses. The worst smell was on holiday to a particular place famous for its huge sea bird colonies, in search for a glimpse of that elusive bird, the puffin. Sea bird poo is pretty nasty smelly stuff, because they eat predominantly fish. Their poo smells like rotting fish mixed with, well Poo, to be precise. Now a small number of sea birds, say a couple of dozen, would produce a smell bad enough to make you want to put a hanky to your nose and mouth and back away swiftly. Unfortunately this colony was made up of THOUSANDS of birds, Kittiwakes, Fulmars, Guillemots, Gannets and just one or two Puffins, at the back, far from the cameras. The smell was so bad, even though we had driven a couple of hours to get there, we just looked through the binoculars for about 5 minutes then ran back to the car to breathe and drove home. It was DISGUSTING!!!

    1. Yes bird poo can be disgustingly smelly stuff, totally agree.

      Used to live near chicken farms, and you could literally smell the time that they were approaching their clean out times, and if it was during a hot summer well vomit in the mouth doesn’t cover it 🙂

  5. My childhood home, from 1972-1985, was two houses, across the street, from a pig farm. Thirteen years of smelling those pigs and nothing can erase those noxious memories. I especially remember breezy days, on summer evenings, as being the worst.

    For some years, i was reminded of those summers while changing baby diapers, of friend’s kids in the church nursery. Those diapers smelled worse than the evenings my brother and i hung out under the breezy window, to get relief from the heat, only to be ambushed with pig shit stench. (Known fact, your kids poey diapers are not known to make you gag, vomit or otherwise cause you to retch.)

    Now mind you, the pig farmer was not up to code, being along the shore of Little Muskego Lake. Farmer had his tentacles in city hall and was never fined for his terrible pig-farming practices. The lake suffered, the fish suffered, the neighbors suffered, but those pigs were in heaven.

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