Snifty Q2


Snifty Q2

What’s the most ridiculous thing someone has tricked you into doing or believing?

Time to Fess Up!

24th May –  21st June 2018

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21 thoughts on “Snifty Q2

  1. My mother called me one afternoon and said “dad and me just got back from the vet. We had to take Sara (their schnauzer) this morning as an emergency. I accidentally took her pill for her arthritis and gave her my high blood pressure pill”. I asked if the dog was okay. “They gave her IV fluids and watched her for a while. They let us bring her home but we have to make sure she rests today”. I said I was glad and asked if she was okay taking a dog’s arthritis medicine. “Yes i called my doctor and he said it should be fine. I think my hip actually feels better, but I can’t stop barking! APRIL FOOL’S!!”
    I was so mad and laughing at the same time!

  2. I have not been the one fooled but the fooler. LOL I can say just about anything with a straight face and even if it is outlandish people will believe me. I once had my brother going because I convinced him that the cauliflower he had just eaten had fallen on the floor and his daughter knew it. Ten minutes I kept it up until I could last no more. My poor niece kept insisting that it had not. The second one was I was talking to a girl at work and said ‘he is as useless as trying to use a toad to whiten your teeth.’ And she looked at me and asked if I was serious. Was that a new thing? It only really lasted about 2 minutes there because I could not keep it up.

    1. Excellent, l too can make people believe all sorts but equally have been caught out – The Blair Witch prank years ago ruffled my feathers in more than one way lol!

      1. LOL I am not sure that my brother has forgiven me as well for tricking him when he was little. He suddenly stopped eating spaghetti which shocked my mom and until he was an adult never told her the reason was because I told him the after it rained mom went out to collect all the earth worms that came out and that was what spaghetti was made of. LMAO

  3. ohmygod. This is embarrassing. Let me premise to say, I am gullible, okay?? Maybe less so nowadays…. Growing up in rural Alaska, my knowledge of certain things in life is admittedly limited. When I had been married less than a year, over twenty years ago now, my husband told me tales of life in the lower 48. One thing I’ve always appreciated about Alaska is we have no poisonous spiders, no snakes, no crazy bugs (and the ones we do have are bug-sized, not small pet-sized like I’ve seen pictures of). But the worst, he told me, was about the bone ticks they have down there. Bone ticks?? Yes. Bone ticks, he claimed, were much worse than regular ticks. Regular ticks simply bury their head into you and suck your blood. Bone ticks, though, have specially shaped bodies that enables them to actually bury completely through skin and muscle to embed themselves right into your bone. And apparently you don’t know they’re there for a really long time. To the point where you can get very sick and eventually even die. Now remember, this was before smartphones and widespread internet. This was when we actually went to a library to do research. So, I believed my new husband since he was born and raised there. He would know about these things. I was disgusted beyond belief. How anyone ever went walking in the woods or camping or fishing or other outdoor activities, I would never understand. The horror!! I determined that when we went to visit his family in Washington state, I would decline any offers of camping with them. No. Thank you. So…. a couple months pass and we fly down so I can meet his mom for the first time. Her and her husband are also camping and fishing folk like we are so there’s lots of common ground. One afternoon we are sitting at the kitchen table and my mother-in-law and I are chatting, get-to-know-you stuff… and of course camping gets brought up. “What I don’t understand,” I confide, “is how you can be brave enough to go camping with all the bone ticks around…. doesn’t it freak you out??” A nervous smile breaks across her face, “bone ticks?” “Yeah, you know, those ticks that bury themselves down into your bones and eat your marrow and make you really sick? Aren’t you worried about them??” A pause. Then she breaks out into a real-life guffaw “BONE TICKS!!!!” She manages between fits of exuberant laughter. I’m looking at her confused… then I see the realization cross her face as she realizes that I actually believe what I’m saying. Her eyes sweep to her wicked son. He’s barely containing himself, which I’m just now noticing. Then my own realization dawns: I’ve been tricked again!! Damn it!! We all laughed hard after that but, to this day, when he says something I don’t believe, I always ask for the qualifier: “is this True or Bone-Tick-True?”

  4. I’m actually not easily fooled. I’m an Empath and just a wee bit psychic so I can usually tell when someone is full of hooey.
    Shoot, guess I have to pass on this question.

  5. When I was young, I was quite a gullible little lad, when told they’d taken dictionary out of the dictionary I actually checked, but probably the person who made a fool out of me most regularly was my Mum. She loved playing April fools, and I just happened to live in the same house as her until I went to University, so I was a sitting target!
    The worst case, I remember is when I just started secondary school, so I would have been 11. My form teacher was a very strict but excellent teacher who’s name escaped me but let’s call her Mrs Reilly. She had obviously made quite an impression on me because I must have mentioned her quite a bit to my Mum, at dinner or whenever she asked me how school had gone. That year April Fools day must have been on the weekend and I remember the phone ringing about 7am and I was still in bed. My Mum came in (she was always up at the crack of dawn) and told me Mrs Reilly was on the phone and wanted to talk to me. I remember feeling quite surprised that my teacher had phoned me at the weekend. I picked up the phone and a woman’s voice said “Is that you Kristian. I am phoning you because there was some extra home work that I forgot to set you, have you got a pen and paper handy?” I then ran downstairs picked up the pen and paper and dashed back upstairs only to find my mum crying with laughter and the woman on the phone turned out to be one of my aunts! How could I have been so Gullible? My picture is probably next to the word in the dictionary. 🙂

  6. Pride aside… I absolutely believed i had won the WOKY radio station giveaway… the one where you are caller #7 and you answer a question correctly and win some huge prize. I cannot remember exactly my age or the prize being given away but i do remember it taking a summer time to finally realize i had not won. Someone in the neighborhood got me good! I mean, i blabbered on about this good fortune for all of June, July and August before falling hard into September, October and November. No one ever fessed up either. I guess they remain anonymous forever!

      1. Yep! The whole speech about congratulations 🎉🎈 and give us your address… lol 😂 only laughing now… years and years later. My kids say, “mom lighten up” but it takes quite a bit for me to be less serious! I am learning… big curve ahead! And my youngest daughter is quite the prankster. Got me good yesterday.

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