Smiling on the Seas!



Asked once what were my joys in life?

Despite the complexity of my mind, l am but a simple man who seeks treasures and pleasures from the smallest of things …

Tis hard indeed to answer the question, l asked back of her, pray tell what are yours?


My partner lives for the sun, for the rays, the blessing it awards her,

She adores the sound of the receding shoreline waves dashing and dancing their way across the pebbles and the shells as they retreat back to the ocean,

She loves the smell of the sea breeze …


But for me …

I love to see the sun rise and set, l love to see the sun smiling on the sea, l love the colours of the night time day … the flecking’s of golds, reds and ambers as the beautiful orb awakens itself or retires and slips behind the smile for the night.

Sometimes, it is the simplest things in life that can award the greatest rewards.


Guy or Bloke, Your Choice

3 thoughts on “Smiling on the Seas!

    1. Hey Josh, it’s beautiful here when the weather is glorious, but equally when the weather is glum, you can capture some cracking moments 🙂

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