Treasure hunt — fuck the lemonade

Ten tango steps around a dance floor When you get to the door Not that one, the smaller one Up high Drink the wine It will make you fly Don’t forget the key I left on the floor It is made of music notes and gentle whispers Once in the forest Find the unicorns They […]

via Treasure hunt — fuck the lemonade

Sometimes the only true way to acquire treasure is to dig deep or hunt for it. This is a right little gem of beauty here.

4 thoughts on “Treasure hunt — fuck the lemonade

  1. Hi there. I spent some time writing an email to you the other day but for some reason the address you gave me was rejected. Are we not able to communicate outside of the WordPress site?

    1. I cannot remember the post you first wrote to me on, but you expressed a problem contacting me, and l said in the next post that the email addy l awarded you was in fact missing a couple of digits and then awarded you this one 🙂

      Hope this helps.


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