Snifty Q1


Snifty Q1

What is the dumbest way you’ve ever been injured?

24th May –  21st June 2018

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  1. I was in the operating room, for cataract surgery (performed with a microscope). I leaned over the patient to make sure the monitors were in place, the oxygen was properly fitted in the patient’s nose, etc. When I stood up I hit the microscope so hard with my head that I fell on the floor seeing stars.

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  2. I remember once, driving with my friend to pick up his father from the hospital. I was driving the family utility vehicle because it was manual and my friend could only drive automatic. I dropped him off at the hospital then parked the truck. I then decided to run in to the hospital, but unfortunately I tripped over my own feet and flew through the air and skidded along the rough tarmac path. So there was I, supposed to pick up my friends dad and I ended up limping into the hospital with my knees bleeding! I felt so silly, I was even laughing because I realised how ridiculous that situation was. After the nurses cleaned up my knees and stuck some plasters on them, we all left the hospital and my friend said to me. “You’ve always got to make an entrance haven’t you!” Like I had done it on purpose! 🙂

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  3. The door on my Jeep was a little sticky and I have a habit of walking through things in order to obtain my objective without going “around” any obstacles, just through them… I pulled the door violently to unstick it while simultaneously trying to actually climb in, well, needless to say, that doesn’t work. Slammed myself in the face with the edge of the door so hard cut my nose and cheek and part of my forehead. Saw stars with that one but I had to laugh because it’s simple: open door first *then* climb in.

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  4. How did I miss answering this question?
    When I was about 6-7 years old, some neighborhood kids and I decided to make a slide out of a piece of wood that was lying around. We propped one end on the back of a truck and the other end on the ground. We took turns sliding down our wonderful homemade slide.
    That night I spent well over an hour lying across my mother’s lap with my naked fanny in the air, while she tweezed splinters out of my bum.

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