It’s Write Nifty With A Snifty!


It’s Write Nifty With A Snifty!

Scented Pen Giveaway

Since raising this as a question last week to see if anyone would be interested, l have been wracking my brains for ideas. My brain is usually pretty good, however, l think in atypical Aspergian form, l was overthinking it, so decided to stop doing that and simplify the process!

I have X amount of scented pens to giveaway over the next year or so, l am privately funding it in so far as mail costs, so whilst l can afford to give some a way every month, l cannot afford to send out loads all the time, but l have configured l can post out 10 pens each month.

This means that there will be each month the following Given Awy:

2 winners of 1 pen.

2 winners of 2 pens.

1 winner of 4 pens.

It’s not rocket science – 5 winners per month, cannot get much simpler than that.

The winners of the 1 and 2 pens each can simply tell me which scents they want, whilst the winner of the pack of 4, will get one pen in each available scent.

That was the easy part. What figured hard, and it didn’t matter how many idea sites l visited, was how to create the way in which these were going to be won? After a good few days, l figured that the first ever competition would probably appear in comparison to say one six months down the line as completely shambolic, but as we progress along this learning curve and not forgetting that it is supposed to be fun as well, l strongly suspect that each competition will steadily improve. However we have to start somewhere don’t we?

So, the first competition is based upon:

“The Funniest Answers’ To The Strangest Questions!”

I will ask one question every three days, so a total of ten questions over the duration of one month. You must answer at least seven of the ten questions to qualify as an entry. However, l do like a bit of a crypticness to things, so there is a twist, but l am not going to tell you here and the only way you can find out what the twist is – is if you [entrant] hear from me during the period of the month before the competition has ended.

The questions will simply be entitled for this duration “Snifty Q” [and whatever number it is ].

So there we go … you know what to look out for now.


A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip!

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