That Gal, That Guy – Neurodivergent Rebel 2#


01] Name You Go By?



02] Brand/Product/Business Name?

Neurodivergent Rebel

03] If you use social media, which ones? Where/how do people find you?

Facebook, Twitter, & YouTube

04] If you maintain any blogs/vlogs/forums, what are they called?

Neurodivergent Rebel Blog

05] Are you a new business concept, or identity to the market? How long have you been established?

I started my blog in the fall of 2017.

06] What is your identity/business/product about?

I work to spread autism & neurodiversity positivity. I’m also working as a copywriter & autism consultant through my blog. In addition, I sell neurodiversity pride clothing & merchandise online.

07] How did you come up with the concept of your idea? Did you have any previous experience with what you do, or was it completely fresh?

I ran my own company before (I used to be a dog trainer) and had experience with social media & blogging.

08] Did you discuss it with others before launching or just ran with the idea and let it ride? If you did discuss the idea with others, what was their reaction?

I did it for me. It was just something I had to do. I didn’t have a plan when I registered for the domain and have just been winging it.

09] Do you use promotional or boosted or organic marketing techniques to raise the awareness to what you do?

It’s all been organic. I just share honest opinions & start conversations with people.

10] Tell us about how social media has worked for you? [If at all]

Social media has been the driving force behind my business. It connects me to an amazing community.

11] Is your business unique or different in any way to your competitors or the next person along? If so, how, tell us about it?

I’m not sure if I’m different or not. I assume I am because I’ve been different my entire life so I assume my business would be too.

12] Are you a quiet person naturally or are you very attention/publicity orientated?

I am quiet and sometimes shy around new people. Around people I know I am VERY talkative and outgoing.

13] Is your brand you and you are the brand or is your brand separate from your personal life?

I am my brand. It all started because I was sharing parts of myself online.

14] Did/do you have a strategy/plan for achieving success? What was/is your end goal or achievement?

Not really. I just was hoping to connect & learn.

15] Did you always believe that your idea/product/brand was going to be successful or did it not bother you?

I’m not sure if I am successful or not. What IS the definition of success? I’ll be successful once autism is accepted.

16] At any point with your idea/product/brand did it look like it was going to fail? Did you make any preparation for this possibility?

I try not to put hard definitions on success or failure. I guess failure would be me quitting and I don’t intend to stop any time soon.

17] Is popularity or quality more important to you/your brand? [Or both]

Quality and honesty are most important to me.

18] Does your brand receive the right amount of publicity/attention that you think it warrants? If not, what other tactics have you introduced to help it along? If it has, are you pleased with the results?

I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how fast my blog has grown. If I had to wish for more growth somewhere, I’d say my YouTube channel is my weak spot. It’s not picking up as fast as everything else – but still nothing to complain about.

19] How long does it take you to prepare or finalise product or content for the end user?

Each video takes 30 minutes to an hour to finish. T-shirt designs can take an hour if they are complex. Written blogs tend to take about an hour or two as well. I spend HOURS on social media (mainly Twitter) EVERY day sharing content & keeping up with notifications.

20] Have you found that social media has embraced your identity willingly?

Yes, actually.

21] Have you found that your ‘different approach or quirky style’ has ever hindered what you do?

It’s helped me to connect with like-minded people.

22] How do your customers/clients/readers feel about you or your business, brand or content?

In general my content is well received.

23] Are you ever worried about upsetting your client base or do you think that a little ‘tilt’ occasionally helps who you are and what you do?

Since I am my brand, I get to be honest be real and be myself. If it’s not for you than you’re not my audience and that’s fine with me.

24] Do you have a favourite quote or phrase or term that you always use to describe who you are?

“Neurodivergent Rebel – Rebelling against a culture that values assimilation over individuality”.

25] What would your epitaph read? How do you want to be remembered?

I hope I am remembered for doing good things.

26] Do you have any annoying habits?

I try not to, but I tend to interrupt people and talk out of turn if I get over-excited.

27] What is your biggest regret or your greatest achievement to date? [Or Both]

I don’t think it’s helpful to focus on your regrets. My favourite life achievements are all around facing my fears.

28] What do you do to relax?

Warm bubble baths, write, colour, Twitter

29] Where about in the world are you to be found? [Country]

I’m in the US – currently Texas

30] What are your best qualities?

I’m stubborn or determined, I look at the world in a unique way, I’m a problem solver.

31] Do you think, with what you do that you have attained ‘That Gal, That Guy’ status yet or still working towards it? Is it important to you?

I feel like I’m still working towards it. Maybe that’ll change if I ever become a full-time blogger.

32] Why do you think you/your brand or concept is different? Or are you no different to everyone else?

Everyone is different but we are also all the same. We want to share our stories, our own personal truths.

33] If you were an animal what would you be?

Raccoons are my spirit animals.

34] What sport would be the funniest to add a mandatory amount of alcohol to?

I don’t really drink. What about those giant human sized hamster balls things?

35] Finally tell us something unique about you that the questions haven’t asked.

I’m autistic and was only diagnosed last year at the age of 29.

Christa – Neurodivergent Rebel


The That Gal, That Guy Series


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