That Gal, That Guy – Little Fears 3#


01] Name you go by?

Peter Edwards

02] Brand/Product/Business Name?

Little Fears


03] If you use social media, which ones? Where/how do people find you?

Twitter, Ello, Medium, Instagram

04] If you maintain any blogs/vlogs/forums, what are they called?

Little Fears at

05] Are you a new business concept, or identity to the market? How long have you been established?

Established 25th December, 2016

06] What is your identity/business/product about?

Little monsters in the world between living and the afterlife. Either cracking puns or Lovecraftian horrors.


07] How did you come up with the concept of your idea? Did you have any previous experience with what you do, or was it completely fresh?

An amalgamation of two old ideas, doodling monsters and telling awful groaners.

08] Did you discuss it with others before launching or just ran with the idea and let it ride? If you did discuss the idea with others, what was their reaction?

Just ran with it. It was a personal project.

09] Do you use promotional or boosted or organic marketing techniques to raise the awareness to what you do?

Never needed too.

10] Tell us about how social media has worked for you? [If at all]

Social media doesn’t work for me, but I don’t work it. I’m sure this will change when I put more effort into it.

11] Is your business unique or different in any way to your competitors or the next person along? If so, how, tell us about it?

Classic British horror and humour. Both have been done a million times before, but the packaging and style is unique. I’m not sure who the Little Fears compete with. Fiction websites or webcomics?

12] Are you a quiet person naturally or are you very attention/publicity orientated


13] Is your brand you and you are the brand or is your brand separate from your personal life?

Brands totally me. I’m as daft and strange as the characters I write about.

14] Did/do you have a strategy/plan for achieving success? What was/is your end goal or achievement?

I had no end goal. Little Fears became an accidental income.

15] Did you always believe that your idea/product/brand was going to be successful or did it not bother you?

Again, was never intended to be a brand until it was one.

16] At any point with your idea/product/brand did it look like it was going to fail? Did you make any preparation for this possibility?

Nope. Personal project. Would have carried on regardless.

17] Is popularity or quality more important to you/your brand? [Or both]

Quality. Some of my subscribers have tested products and had discussions about Threadless/Society6/Etsy/Et al, and they can attest to how anal I am about making sure everything is just right.


18] Does your brand receive the right amount of publicity/attention that you think it warrants? If not, what other tactics have you introduced to help it along? If it has, are you pleased with the results?

It’s received far more than it was ever meant to have.

19] How long does it take you to prepare or finalise product or content for the end user?

Each post takes an hour. A book takes 200 hours. A tee or art print takes 5-10 hours.

20] Have you found that social media has embraced your identity willingly?


21] Have you found that your ‘different approach or quirky style’ has ever hindered what you do?

I’d say it’s boosted what I do. Received some bad reviews on Good Reads for being odd, but it’s a shite site I don’t care for and the positive reviews far outweigh the bad reviews. That’s the only hindrance I can think of.

22] How do your customers/clients/readers feel about you or your business, brand or content.

I would hope it gives them a laugh every morning.

23] Are you ever worried about upsetting your client base or do you think that a little ‘tilt’ occasionally helps who you are and what you do?

My tales and stories change drastically in nature over the coming year. I am not worried at all, as it will keep the Fears fresh. If I do the same thing forever, folk will get bored and wander off anyway.

24] Do you have a favourite quote or phrase or term that you always use to describe who you are?

“You’re an idiot.”

25] What would your epitaph read? How do you want to be remembered?

My tombstone will read, “The shell is here, the nut is gone.”

26] Do you have any annoying habits?


27] What is your biggest regret or your greatest achievement to date? [Or Both]

Not living life, scoring an awesome missus.

28] What do you do to relax?


29] Where about in the world are you to be found? [Country]

England, London.

30] What are your best qualities?

My moustache.

31] Do you think, with what you do that you have attained the ‘That Gal, That Guy’ status yet or still working towards it? Is it important to you?

No, and not important.

32] Why do you think you/your brand or concept is different? Or are you no different to everyone else?

My humour and horror is not new. Just the way I package it.

33] If you were an animal what would you be?

Jack Russell.

34] What sport would be the funniest to add a mandatory amount of alcohol to?


35] Finally tell us something unique about you that the questions haven’t asked.

All of my worldly possessions, including clothes, fit inside one small cupboard.


The That Gal, That Guy Series


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