Q.F.T.D 49



Good Morning Folks and young grasshoppers, they will know who l mean by that!

We need to remember to be mindful of not just others, but equally and perhaps more importantly ourselves too!

Grandma do you know???

By Special Request!!

Now we could have had the Hustle – see below  ….

………. which is kind of dated with it being mid 70’s . or we could have had the Chicken dance ….see below also …

……… which is better …. however it’s Sunday    … and l had thought of the Crazy Frog?

………. but that was always kind of annoying!

So l was stuck?

So what is the ideal dance for this morning?

We need something to really move it, you know, like really move it!!!

And then it struck me!! Of Course!!!

We all need to be Shufflin’

Have a totally awesome Shufflin Sunday Folks!

What’s the QFTD? Isn’t that obvious yet?


3 thoughts on “Q.F.T.D 49

  1. I have always loved Van McCoy The Hustle, it came out before I was born, but my Mum would play it all the time and sometimes we used to dance in the kitchen to it. It still takes me back and I still can’t help dancing to it. It is such an uplifting positive and energising piece of music. LOVE it.
    Thanks for posting. 🙂

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