More Forest Than Gump


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More Forest Than Gump!

King Arthur’s knights undertook the quest to discover the Holy Grail – the most precious of vessels that would deliver powers beyond mans’ wildest desires – happiness, or the elixir of youth to infinite knowledge. There is no evidence to support the existence of such a receptacle and yet that hasn’t stopped the world writing about it endlessly!

I have come to the conclusion that mankind is on a similar quest except the main difference being that they do not seek miraculous powers – no – their goals are more direct – greed. Money supremacy rules their waking hours! They have become seemingly hell-bent on the total decimation of our planet.

It’s a global problem – in modern times deforestation is restricted to certain areas, although there was a ‘once upon a time’ window where upon the surface of our planet was almost completely covered in forests! Many years ago, and by this l mean about 8,000 – there was roughly 6 billion hectares of tree. For the layman – that’s a lot more forest than Gump!

Now let’s move forward from there; suburbanisation, humankind, society creation, aggressive agricultural practices, mining and climate change are all ultimately responsible for literally changing the face of our earth as and from what it was once.

Mankind can wipe out a forest area the size of a football field in less than three seconds – less than three seconds to wipe that space out and if you multiply that by 20 or what is 60 seconds or just one minute and the equivalent to 20 football fields simply ceases to exist! For the sake of lumber, pulp and food production and that data means nothing to many.

Closer to home, in the rural where l am in Kent, England, l have neighbours who insist on making application after application to the councils to remove beautifully old trees – hundreds of years old in many cases – because they are ruining the view. Irrelevant to the fact that some of these trees are actually older than the houses beside them and irrelevant to the fact that they are homes to several species of animal, who thoroughly love the intrinsic beauty of their natural house.


These factors mean nothing to the residents who wish to simply destroy the natural surroundings of their suburban homesteads – and all because the tree or trees are obstructing their views. Luckily many of these applications are turned down by the counsels but sadly not all.

Mankind simply cannot help itself – it only wants the beauty in contained and controlled areas where upon they can be viewed at leisure when convenience allows it. So even on the mini scale here in rural Kent – society wishes to wipe out continually the remaining forest we have.

Massive Rainforest destruction is the work of aggressive agricultural businesses in their continued quest for ‘improving the lives’ of mankind for consumer products and continued farming. Old and ancient trees much older than those here in rural Kent are being wiped out daily by inefficient and unregulated industrial logging practices. This industry is worth thousands upon thousands upon hundreds of thousands of global currency for all concerned and involved and as usual it is the greed element that motivates corporate destruction – it will always win the day over what is morally right.

Deforestation is literally uprooting our existence, it is encouraging climatic change which in turn further motivates more damaging results on the remaining forests – meaning that dying trees release more carbon and this in turn increases temperatures which then turns around and compounds the current threat level to high on the potential of increased forest fires and droughts.


There is no kindness in either mankind or humankind with regards deforestation – there is only wanton destruction on a global level that is slowly leading to the demise of our civilised way of life as we know it. We must stop deforestation before it undermines our existence and work together to protect the forest we have before we run out of not just time, but air. Again l ask myself the question of – is the so called green in your pocket worth the destruction of green on our planet?

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