Domani è troppo tardi


Domani è troppo tardi

Came the night before the day after,
When all stopped, as did my smiles and laughter,
Decided then did you, to rip out and shred my heart,
Apparently the time had come for us to part,
Drifted had we, or so l believe you said,
Relationship wise, all was dead!
News it was to me, l think it’s safe to say,
Typically stupid l thought we were both happy!
Pray tell where has my fine loving woman gone?
That was my night-time sky and my rising dawn?

Attractive, witty, understanding and of great personality?
Now hell bent upon inflicting me damage and misery!
The lass who made my toes curl and my stomach knot,
My mouth dry and reduced me to a gibbering idiot!
Where has she gone now, who are you?
Once a friend, once true!
Was not aware of your hidden routines,
Embraced with another and busy like a machine!
Nay l am not bitter at all but damned angry,
That you have led my mind so romantically astray!
Deception was not a talent l thought you knew,
But embark you did on this revealing slice through!

Insult me further l see, how ironic!
That now you say you only see us as platonic!
Don’t throw that rubbish at me,
So that you feel less guilty!
That you don’t really want to say goodbye,
And that this has all gone so terribly awry!
What on earth did you honestly expect?
Hugs and kisses and a salute of respect!
You have torn my heart apart and thrown it asunder,
And think l am over reacting with my thunder!

Still you ask ‘Can we be friends?’
Why do women do this when a relationship ends?
How about if the tables were turned and this was me.
Asking you the same, would you be so carefree?
Sorry but ‘NO’ it’s just not in my genetical makeup,
To remain friends after such an emotional break up,
Especially with moments like this,
When betrayal lingers like a poison on lips l used to kiss!
No, we part now as if we never knew each other,
Am not your friend, not your lover and so not your brother!
Shared memories we have together are now the past,
Accepting now, that those times were our last,
Would never treat a true friend of mine like this,
For you to ask after deceiving me is taking the piss!
So stop asking me to be your long time mate,
Today is now different to yesterday and tomorrow is too late!

Guy or Bloke, Your Choice



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