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It’s Write Nifty with a Snifty!

Top of the Day to you all!

Most of you probably are aware that when l merged my three blogs together under this one brand, that Doodlepip’s Blog came in as did The Tee Shirt Blogger. The latter was my ‘business’ site, albeit very loosely defined as business and more of hobby.

You will l should imagine also be aware that on occasion if l write a new post on either mental health, environmental, pawtism or my Asperger’s then at times there is a design attached to the post itself. These designs are found in their respective Directories:

Classic Eggshell Design Directory

Designs for Asperger’s, Autism and Neurodiversity

No Planet B Design Directory

Designs for environmental issues, bees, natural wildlife and animal cruelty

Mind Matters Design Directory

Designs dealing with many aspects of mental health

When l first started the business Classic Eggshell Moments in 2014/15, l had these designs drawn up with the intention of selling through one company based in the UK that dealt with organic fabrics. However, whilst they meant well, they delayed their launch by a very long time, much longer than their established release date to the market. There were various promotions attached to their concept that were very appealing. One of which was the inclusion of promotional literature and goodies with would serve as ‘seller giveaways’.

So, l ordered myself a load of promotional giveaways in 2015 with the view that these would be added into the sales packets when they left the manufacturer.

However, as is sometimes the way, or l should say ‘my way’, bad luck crept into my good idea, and when the company did eventually launch – as in a year after their release date – they then decided that they were not going to offer the inclusion products! Which is polite terms was a bit of a bummer!

Now as it is, my ”’loosely defined business”’ of Classic Eggshell Moments sits in limbo, currently the designs purely for the Asperger’s/Autism and Neurodiversity range are displayed only, and not in their fullest range, but a fraction.

Experience has now displayed to me that stickers via Redbubble are the clear winners for sales, and although l offer the facility within this blog to interested parties to have the designs on any product they wish, l tend to keep the Redbubble collection display very slim.

I no longer go out of my way to just add more work load to this venture which is for the sake of sanity now merely a hobby and l am cool with that. The designs are met well, but let’s be honest postage on many online facilitators can be costly and off putting. Stickers are cheap to send, tee shirts and bulkier products are not.


And l am cool with that, and treat it as a valuable learning curve.

However, to the question itself….


One of the promotional products l had created for the business in 2015 was 1000 Snifty Pens which l have roughly around 900 maybe a few more or maybe a few less, taking into consideration what l have either used, Suze has used or we have given away.

Each pen does indeed hold the Classic Eggshell Moments slogan and link which now leads exclusively to this blog only. Each pen of which there are four types …

… Chocolate Chip Cookie, Raspberry, Bubblegum and Tropical Fruit Punch

Holds its scent long, long after the ink has expired. Each pen is individually wrapped.

What l would like to know is this:

If l run a series of giveaways over the course of this year, select winners and post them out either, one, two or a four set of pens at my expense – is this something that would appeal to any one? I am not expecting anything back, it’s not a push for business to me, it is simply if anything just a bit of fun, and not a case of having to dump nearly 900 pens into the waste piles of this world?

I haven’t firmed up how l plan to do it, although ideas are very welcomed, but will probably look at starting it next month.

So would this appeal to bloggers who mostly use digital these days?


16 thoughts on “Question – If I May?

  1. It is a digital world these days, however I do have a pen handy at all times to jot things down or make notes for myself. I think a giveaway is a great idea and an interesting way to rid yourself of the pens! Good choices of scents too!

    1. Cheers Kat, like you l am also mostly digital and yet having saying that l use a pen every day when making notes 🙂

      Well there we go, one interested party 🙂

  2. The question is, do you really want to mail all over the world? Wouldn’t that, even if they ARE lightweight and small, get quite costly? I mean, yeah, I go through pens because of drawing but it seems like you’d spend quite a bit of many to mail all over the world? But yeah, I’m in!

  3. Shhhh…. I kinda have a *thing* for pens.😕 And pens that smell yummy…. I’m swooning. The only two words I like better than “free pens” is “free books”. I am DEFINITELY an interested party!

  4. We use pens a lot, too. It would be a fun project! If you include your return address, those concerned about your cost could send a donation to reimburse you for postage.

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