Q.F.T.D 48

Lifes journey

Good Morning Folks and young grasshoppers, they will know who l mean by that!

We each, yes each of us walk our own journey, and this simply cannot be achieved without the very first step!

Now talking of first steps and one steps who could forget the steps of the ……..

…………… Grandma do you know???

By Special Request!!

Los Del Rio – La Macarena!!

All together now, let’s hear the Feel Good Saturday Bloggers’ Cry!!

Hey Macarena!!

Nope l can’t hear you?

Hey Macarena!!

Nope l still can’t hear you?

Hey Macarena!!

Is that the best you have, seriously, butterflies can make more noise!

Hey Macarena!!


Now l know you are having a great Saturday!

And now for the slow to unwind!

Have a terrific Saturday Folks, always remember EVERYTHING starts with the very first step, no matter where you are going!

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