The Dead End or Not!!



The Dead End or Not!!

I have left it now for those to see,
Unopened upon the desk,
Just says ‘Read After Me
Nothing too fancy, or grotesque,

Direct and to the point,
Slightly romantic in its ideal,
This and that and whom to appoint,
After l am gone and it will reveal,

Who is to receive the very little,
I have at my disposal,
Upon my dying and choking spittle,
Within is set the proposal,
That my TV, PC and DVD’s,
Are to be made good use of,
Given to those who are most happy,
Watching films of action, horror and love,
And comedies galore ever so slightly batty,

Now to the purpose of my visit,
But wait, my mobile is vibrating,
Yes?’ Answer l ‘Yes, this is me’ I admit,
Where’s the what? Oh that thing
Can this wait, l am rather busy this moment
What am l doing?’ Asks the caller,
Sarcastically l reply ‘Attending a rather fun event!’
What , oh yes alright if you insist!
Fine, in the house next to the desk!
With the caller away, l must tend now to my end,
When the damn phone rings again! Pest!!
‘Yes, what? Oh , ahh, yes, no, just something l penned!
Now the caller is extremely volatile upon opening,
My Note, entitled The Dead End,
Silence whilst they are focusing,
Well shout did they, l must concede,
Selfish am l apparently!
With less than three weeks away from Christmas,
If l am gone, who will tend the damn horses!
So alas, my end is on a temporary hold,
Not to perform task until l am told!

Guy or Bloke, Your Choice


This is a tale not for the light hearted, nor is it tongue in cheek, but actually based on fact! I had penned a suicide note, and l had every intention of finally finishing my life once and for all! I was out in a field, when the phone rang and my employer wanted to know where the book of “Equine Dressage” was, when she discovered the envelope. opened it, read it and gave me a hell of a bawling out! 

The moral of this story for me was this … the pessimist will say….

………. “It doesn’t pay to always have your mobile phone with you!!”

Whilst the optimist will say “It Does!!”



5 thoughts on “The Dead End or Not!!

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  1. Seriously? See here, Mr. A Guy Called Bloke, if you end your life now or later, the soul or whatever is there that is inside you will just be recycled back to this realm. Really, no point running away. Let us just face the stubborn bull and grab it by its horn. Goodluck to you and keep faith.

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      1. 2015 was a trying time for me emotionally…2016 to 2017 is a trying time both emotionally and financially. But you know what? Somehow, through all the difficult times I see more order and I feel more peace. And I found out that if I just let life be, it will just sort out on its own. Good wishes to you too.

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